Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keep your hands off the suit, buddy.

Ok, seriously. When you guys view my blog, is the sidebar all the way down at the bottom? What the fuck. I don't know if it's a template thing? Or maybe if I switch templates that would help? Have to re-do the customized crap, however dull it is, so that would kinda blow. It is annoying me in any case, though.

Work has been hella busy! Which I guess is nice, I mean, makes me worry far less about the whole place shutting down. But it does make it tricky to blog. Shah. Bastards.

Did jack-shit with the house last night. Just made very yummy dinner and kept plugging away on House, M.D. I'll spare you the episode details this time. Tonight however, is going to see lots of upacking and minimal painting. Oh yes, it shall be done. It's just that after standing around goddamn Hobby Lobby for a fucking hour, waiting for them to SUPPOSEDLY frame a poster, they came out with it trimmed and said, "Ok! Here ya go!" I said exqueese me? They said, oh, you wanted it FRAMED. That'll be a week. *shoots all employees of the Hobby Lobby* Dirty place anyway. By the time I DID get home, I was so done. And there was all this thunder, talk of a "cold front," and what the hell happened? Yup, nothing. Infact, I had to get up at 3am to close the windows because it was just that hot and muggy. Ugh.

On the plus side, I had a dream in which Sonny Crockett showed me how to ride his motorcycle. Ahem. Who the hell knows. So what if he had a Ferrari and not a motorcycle? And that I would prefer the Ferrari?

Anyhoo. Well, looks like if I play my cards right (really, just if I luck way the fuck out), I will get to screen both Black Dahlia AND Last Kiss tomorrow night. I laughed to see Mia Kirshner in Black Dahlia. D and I know her from The L Word and simply refer to her character as 'Mouse Stain,' because well, she is one. What an annoying-ass character. The show itself is pretty crap, but we really love hating her. Anyway, totally pumped for Black Dahlia (written by James Ellroy, of L.A. Confidential, *droooools*), and kinda eager to be irritated by Last Kiss. Can't help myself.

D closes tonight, so hopefully I'll get tons of crap done and won't find myself wandering out to the spa. I haven't had time with spa in like, three days! I decided I should name the spa Steve. Not just Steve, Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve. Like an I Saw What You Did kind of Steve. D doesn't have to know...

Oh, and the wedding rings should be here tomorrow! Very excited. I had them sent here to work to be safe, plus they're FedEx and I don't want to have to chase them down since no one's ever home. Seven weeks. Yikes. Even New Zealand Derek is almost here, just a couple more weeks. Bastard asked me to look into one-way airfare to Cancun for him. Wtf? I'm mixed with jealously and curiosity...does he plan on coming back from Mexico? But still, so excited to see him and everyone else.

Just gotta get that marriage license thingy, whatever!


Triana said...

OMG...switching to blogger-beta won't let me comment on non-beta blogs. What a rip off! And such crap! :( Well poo. I wonder if this is why no one can post comments to my blog. Well I learned my lesson. New is BAD. I should have stayed away!!

Your blog looks normal tonight, though I have notice the sidebar being way at the bottom before.

RINGS! Woo hoo!

sKincarver said...

If you ever want your own template, I can manipulate those things pretty good.
Black Dahlia looks pretty cool, but Scarlett Johansson's perpetually bee-stung lips freak me out.

Ellen Aim said...

Tri: I will avoid the beta crap, you had me curious...

skinny C: omfg, I would wee myself in delight to have a sexy-looking blog. sounds fantastic!! And I love me some bee-stung johansson.

Veloute said...

Sidebar is indeed at the bottom.

"cold front" Ha! I laugh.