Monday, September 18, 2006

My name is Otto, it means eight.

Sniff, another weekend with no internet. It hurts. Oh well, Wednesday shall see the end of that.

We tore up the ceiling in the sunroom due to suspected water damage, which we did find. It sounds simple, doesn't it? And yet it took five of us. Admittedly I was mostly painting, and Robert's wife Jennifer was kinda standing there. But still. Now we have to seal the stains and kill the mold and caulk everything and reinforce a split piece of wood. Then close it back up with new particle board/plywood/whatever the hell. So that was fun.

And D has started tearing up the yard. We're going to kill all the grass in the backyard, tear it up and replace it with groundcover. I HATE the shitty grass that's back there now. Lots of sticker/burr things. Plus it's just hella ugly.

But we finished painting the bedroom, most of the kitchen and nearly all the unpacking. I'm taking my friend Mark (and more importantly, his pickup) to Denton tonight to get more stuff from my parents' house...luckily we're good enough friends I don't have to feel bad about using him for his pickup. I just fill up gas and coffee and he's happy, I'm sure. Anyhoo, getting more neat stuff for the house, including a cuckoo clock my cat really loves. Like, a lot. I just hope he doesn't try to mount it at some point. The kitten has never seen it, I'm sure the cat will teach him all kinds of bad things...

And the phone people (unfortunately, AT&T, which only makes me think of a recent The Nate and Di Show episode...) are coming out Wednesday to set up the internet and landline for our security system. Their window of arrival? Between 8am and goddamn 6pm. Hope you're planning on entertaining yourself inside your house all day. Got my right hand and a fully stocked liquor cabinet, bring it on. Ah, now if only I were the one not working that day...

Very jazzed to see not one, but TWO new episodes of Cinemaslave ready to go! I still maintain my stance on Hollywoodland being less than great, but I have to say that in retrospect, it is one of the better theatre releases as of late.

I feel the house slowly closing in on 'presentable.' I can taste it, my friend.

Ooh, and finished season 2 of House, M.D. Now that last episode? That was some good shit. The episodes are by nature a little formulaic, which is fine since they're fairly intelligent and well written, but not only did this one break formula, it was fucking creepy. I wouldn't go so far as to say it bothered me (and I'm not talking about eye scenes although this one ALSO had a huge doozy of an eye scene even I had to keep watching), but almost. The brain is such a complex delicate thing that I'm more positive than ever that most people do not operate on an "even keel," whatever that is. Anyway, damn good stuff.

And now, to surreptitiously burn Cinemaslave onto two CDs since I cannot get it onto my ipod here at work...


nella said...

Hey Mags
I'm hoping this is you - your hotmail - the only address I have for you - keeps bouncing back. I am moving to Texas for the fall I'm gonna be in Austin, October 16. I'm not really sure where I'm staying yet but I'll be in touch.
Hope all is well with you - sounds like the renovations are coming along fine.
write soon

Veloute said...

Ha! I love that cuckoo clock. I am sure the cats will be well entertained by it.

I am on disk 4 of House 2. I took them all out of my Netfux cue and just went to the fucking video store. I am that impatient. I can't wait for this episode you speak of, but then I will have to wait until season 3 comes out on disk. Le sigh.

Water damage! That stuff can be evil. We have old water damage and I'm still paranoid we have a secret stash of mold somewhere that is slowly killing our brain cells.

Mob said...

Sneaky sneaky with the Cinemaslaves! I'm envious that you have anythig at the office cool enough to steal.

Ellen Aim said...

Nella! I keep meaning to email you, crazy Canadian girl. I'll see what my Austin friends might know about a place to stay! And of course, I'll email you. I'm

Vel: I'm glad the impatient thing runs rampant in all three of us.

Mob: They are merely blank CDs, but they become cool when I download Cinemaslave or Nate and Di onto them... I feel my job should support me in my long-ass commute. And the 'net should be up and kicking tomorrow pm, fingers crossed.

Veloute said...

Oh, now I know what you mean by "eye scene" *Squirms*

Very nice.

Ellen Aim said...

It was probably the most impressive eye scene ever. I almost forgot to be disgusted I was so grossed out.

Veloute said...

I was waiting for explode. So. At least....?