Thursday, August 23, 2007

You think Mighty Mouse could beat up Superman?

I'm not saying it wasn't a dick move on Branson's part, but I'm also not saying I didn't laugh. I guess having billions of dollars makes it hard to grasp the norms of society, I wouldn't know.

Not having been there for the taping, it's impossible to gauge the real emotion of the "trainwreck" Branson interview, but it was certainly less painful than I was expecting. Infact, it was actually shocking and funny (even though you knew what was coming). I'm sure they've worked their editing magic and made it look as friendly as possible, which it really did.

Everything was going well until Branson started bitching when Stephen Colbert went in for the handshake wrap-up, and while Branson bitched, Colbert leaned back and put his feet up, doubtless the impetus for getting water tossed across the table at him. The retaliation on Colbert's part (having his own bottle brought to him for a return dousing) was funny, and however irritated he may have been, he hid it remarkably well.

Even though the segment was not recorded along with the rest of last night's show, he still wore the same tie, a sneaky way to smooth it out. Actually, recording two interviews at the same time still seems odd, but maybe they do that all the time...kind shortchanges the audience who just gets a taped interview, you know?

Also watched the latest Film Crew: Killers From Space, which had some really great commentary.

Jesus what an awful film. Loved the aliens' eyes. What isn't intended to be funny is appallingly so. And I'm getting used to not having the silhouettes, it just took some time.

There's a bathroom to remodel, dishes to wash, and a yard to weed...however, I'm sort of thinking Inland Empire, Avenue Montaigne, and The Lives of Others. Just that kind of day. I should probably cook something sexy just so I'm not completely worthless...but I can't promise anything.


Skylers Dad said...

Oooo, Peter Graves! Haven't seen an actor with those chops since, well, I got to go all the way back to Larry Storch on F-Troop!

Ellen Aim said...

The movie itself was so awful his acting paled in comparison.