Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh, why does everything I whip leave me?

This important update. My Simpsonized self.

And also, many thanks to Al for giving me this:

It's much appreciated. I'm just so happy when people don't hit their heads on their monitors from boredom. In turn I would say the same

to both Veloute and Triana, both blogs I love reading whenever they get the chance to update. It may not be often but it's usually good for a much-needed laugh.

And on the other hand, Al also sent me This Most Disturbing of All Images. Soooooo NSFW. Be-fucking-ware, man. Especially you, MacGuffin.


MacGuffin said...

Too late. Al already sent the picture we shall never speak of again. Who knew Al was such a tattoo fancier? I wonder how many more he's got?

Ellen Aim said...

Phew, I was pretty sure you'd already been exposed (haha) to it.

Yeah, who knew he was pierced, either?

Al said...

Check your inboxes this morning kids!

Mac - that's Ellenaim's.

Ellenaim - I'm impressed... and you and Pete with his Magic Dragon should partay!


Veloute said...

I have seen that disturbing image before and I really wish I hadn't seen it again.

Thank you for the award :)

You're a cute Simpson. I have one on my MySpace page, lol. It doesn't have the cool background, though.

Ellen Aim said...

Al: Nothing like a wake-up vagina to greet the day! You and your wife got matching tatts, that's too sweet.

Vel: This man's cock has probably been seen by millions.

Have I seen your MySpace? I'll have to look...

Skylers Dad said...

I have seen "puff" before, and I must say I don't know which hurt more. The tat or the piercing.

Triana said...

Aw :) Thank you!!

Veloute said...


but I have to add you as a friend for you to see it :)

Mob said...

Hey, if ya wanna talk disturbing images, Google the phrase Lemon Party, it's a lot of fun and will make you wonder why someone would bring it up on a horror movie forum, which is where I found the link.


Ellen Aim said...

Skyler'sD: The whole thing is just...wrong. Getting that damn thing colored must have hurt like a bitch.

Tri: You're welcome!

Vel: Dammit! And I deleted my account eons ago...

Mob: omg. wtf?? I would have never guessed in a million years. And yeah, how DOES that come up in a horror movie forum?? "This movie sucked, hey that reminds me..."