Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are you a lesbian? Leslie says that nine out of ten prostitutes are lesbians.

So this past week I watched three movies with which I was mostly unimpressed. The first was Peeping Tom.

It certainly was icky, I'll give it that. I found everyone in it just...icky. The object of his desire especially, and I don't think that was the intended effect. It's about a guy with voyeur issues who actually kills people with his camera. Like, with the tripod, no shit.

Then on to Sex and Fury. Lots of both.

Nothing like a topless lady slathered in blood getting crazy in a sword fight. Totally silly and 70s and sexploitatious. Don't need to see again. Obviously a Tarantino favorite.

And then there was Lunacy.

Easily the weakest Jan Svankmajer I've seen. I'm a huge fan of Alice and you may also be familiar with Little Otik or Faust. He does lots of stop motion animation; this was all live action with stop motion meat scenes throughout the scene breaks. Bizarre, good fun, but the movie overall was weak. I still enjoyed the look at the different perspectives on treatment for mental illness and the inevitable ending one hopes wasn't supposed to be a surprise. And I never thought I'd see severed tongues humping, so that was a first. Svankmajer can always be counted on for the disturbing.

And speaking of disturbing I do have Inland Empire waiting. Lynch's bratty insistence on having no chapters inspires my bratty reaction to deliberately watch the movie in chunks and just fast forward to my last stopping point. I'm thirty minutes in, I admit it.

I'm pretty sure I got the Pity Look on my way out of work tonight from one of my interviewers. No word on the job, not til next week. It was, I imagine, the look an ex would give you once you've been dumped and are now "just friends." Not that I would know that look. *cough*

That's ok, I'm totally going to apply for some other jobs tonight in my preemptive retaliation against being passed over. So there. (I probably shouldn't go on about this interview, because it's all leading up to that pathetic "so I didn't get that job," post). Eh, so be it.

On a good note, I figured out how to digitize my audio tapes last night. I've been meaning to get it set up for a while, but then I find out (after) that one song I'd really like to digitize is nowhere to be found. And then Veloute finds it on iTunes for me, even though I check iTunes constantly for this song and they don't have it. I mean, why would they? Who the hell knows about Those Who Dig who didn't live in Austin in the early 90s?? (Or had sisters who did, whatever). But now they do. And at least I can digitize my cassettes now, regardless.


MacGuffin said...

Peeping Tom was rather icky wasn't it? I liked it though. The poster for it is really cool, very icky. I'm gonna have post it at some point.

Ellen Aim said...

Hmm, you know, I didn't DISlike it entirely, but it can be a long long time before I see it again. It was at least different, somehow. Just sort of off-kilter, which is good enough for me most of the time!

And I look forward to that poster...

Al said...

Peeping Tom is my least favourite Powell (usually with Pressburger) work.
Go watch Black Narcissus and it'll all be ok. Sex starved nuns have that effect on me!


Veloute said...

I know, why would iTunes have Those Who Dig? I swear I've been checking constantly myself. I only looked out of desperation, like look for Surfin In Hell or something.

I loathe the Pity Look.

Ellen Aim said...

Al: Sex starved nuns? Hmm, I'll give it a look see...

Vel: I would have never guessed in a million years....

And yeah, screw them and their Pity Looks. No one needs that shit.

Skylers Dad said...

I would bet I would never have heard the expression "stop motion meat" anywhere else Ellen.