Saturday, August 11, 2007

I gotta get home for dinner. My wife is slowly poisoning me to death and she gets very angry if I'm late.

(Seriously, it could have been so much worse...there was one that made me laugh out loud but I thought it best that a BUTT not be the greeting photo on a blog).

So Jean tells me spring '08 will see Equus hitting Broadway with both Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. Any suggestions on how to casually mention to D we're going to NYC next spring? If only I could swing Colbert tickets for the same time (of course then my head might explode from so much yumminess crammed into so few days).

And don't get me wrong, Equus is already disturbing. Putting Harry Potter in it makes it exponentially disturbing. Good times.

"So, honey, I was thinking we could go back to New York, you know, just for fun," she mentioned casually as he was on his sixth beer. "Oh, and I got some tickets for Equus, you know, they were just lying around and I thought why not."

Yes, that is my plan.

[Editor's Note: I actually brought it up while he was sober and he thought it sounded neat...squee!]

We watched Hugh Laurie's SNL. It was...awful.

He was superb (like that was a surprise), but the skits were vaguely amusing for about 1/3 of their length. Each skit was a fairly lame joke stretched waaaaaay too thin. And the NEWS??? Omg, I made D fast forward. I suddenly realized, upon watching it, that I don't think I've really seen SNL's news since the inception of The Daily Show, even back when Craig Kilborn was doing it. It was gut wrenchingly painful.

There was also an average skit made abysmal by the girl in it staring at the teleprompter THE ENTIRE SKIT. Good job, girl. No, people never make eye contact in real life, it was totally realistic. Learning your lines? So five minutes ago.

Beck was a cool musical guest, even if Loser is still the Absolute Worst Song of All Time I Will Never Forgive. (I actually would like to one day own the 2006 album, The Information...)

And I'm already planning, when we go back to NYC, to make sure that this time it's on a weekend so I can see Black 47. Last time I was under 21 and Jean and I had to beg the doorman and promise that Jean would drink twice as much to make up for my underagedness. I'm still shocked he let us in, being NYC and all. And it was a totally bitchin' show, vividly ingrained in my mind (and my ears, holy shit).


Veloute said...

Really, you should just post the butt. Why hold back?

I wish it was easier to get to here. It's not *that* remote.

Back to NYC! Woo hoo!!

Ellen Aim said...

One butt coming up!

It is SO remote...but that's why it's so gorgeous. Hey, the train gets there!

I think I could live for a year in NYC. Just one though...

Veloute said...

Once I could have lived in NYC. Not now, though. Hell no. But I do love it.