Friday, August 24, 2007

I think you have the potential to be an awesome wingman here.

So I didn't get that job, but they want to train me for it anyway. "It was a really difficult decision." Like so often in most of my jobs, they'd like to give me more responsibility, but I can probably rest assured that won't be readily obvious on my paycheck. I already envision myself talking about Krispity Krunch and "Synergy!" nine times a day anyway, so I couldn't help but think of the "wingman" line from In Good Company.

And speaking of Scarlett Johansson, I'll just come out and admit there is a dark place in my soul I prefer not to discuss too often that just might not resist if I were forced to watch The Nanny Diaries. But WAIT! Don't judge just yet. I mean, I know it'll be a poor man's Devil Wears Prada (it's so the hip comparison all the reviews are making, it must be so) and DWP as a film was flaming vomit, so, you ask, why the hell would I watch it?

I can't help you there, why does my husband keep watching shit horror films he knows are bad? These are questions best not answered. I am occasionally drawn to shit, that's all I can conclude. And in this case, at least I wouldn't even watch it for Scarlett; I've actually been really disappointed with her acting abilities lately and the New York Times NAILED it today:

But Ms. Johansson’s Annie, who narrates the movie in a glum, plodding voice, is a leaden screen presence, devoid of charm and humor. With her heavy-lidded eyes and plump lips, Ms. Johansson may smolder invitingly in certain roles, but “The Nanny Diaries” is the latest in a string of films that suggest that this somnolent actress confuses sullen attitudinizing with acting.

Nailed it, I tell you. But you know who'd be worth watching it for?

This lady is so underrated. And she really kicks a ton of ass in everything she's in, even I have only recently realized I'm probably missing out on more of her stuff. Laura Linney, in my experience, has always been worth watching.

Scarlett? Not so much. Her recent films have really fallen short. And not just the ones she phones in mostly starring The Johansson Twins (*cough* The Prestige); I found her painfully miscast in The Black Dahlia. (Total POS, so no big loss, regardless). Not that her new L'Oreal ads don't secretly make me wish I could pull off Nuclear Platinum Blonde and really, look at this photo and tell me you don't hate her just a teeny tiny bit:

I'm not sure if I want to eat her or slap her.

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Al said...

Linney is awesome in most things, bet especially in "You can count on me".