Friday, August 24, 2007

Now THAT, my friend, is a shared moment.

The Two Most Disturbing Moments of My Week:

(Which is worse? You tell me.)

CHOICE A: I'm driving home on an hour long journey catching up with my friend J who has an exciting new girlfriend Emma. If you recall, J is the one who got dumped because he disapproved of his last girlfriend's nipple ring and I wound up getting to see The B-52s.

But I digress. Somehow it comes out that she's "one freaky chick." Like she likes to have her hair pulled during sex. Okaaaaaaaaay, says I. Well no, he says, he gets that request all the time. But she REALLY likes to have it pulled. Like he thought he was going to rip her hair out. She wanted to have a headache the next day because she liked knowing where the headache came from.

Ok, first of all, who the fuck is this man sleeping with that all these girls want their goddamn hair pulled? I get pissed if D leans on my hair at night. Granted, his girlfriends were all born between 1984-86, so maybe it's something these young chicks are into, I really don't know. I did not find out what else she was "into," that was enough for one call.

(I mean really, if nothing else, wouldn't it wrench the ever-loving hell out of your neck? It hurts just thinking about it.)

CHOICE B: We watched The Colbert Report last night where they cut off Colbert's wrist cast and then put it up on ebay for bidding that will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. D and I watched as, within about four minutes, it went from $2,000 to $35,000 to $75,000. For a fucking cast. And you know, as neat as a trinket from the show may be...uh, a cast? That's actually...kind of gross.

In any case, upon viewing it now, some of the bids have been canceled. My guess is Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were dicking around on ebay. (You have to be specially registered for the bidding beforehand). But even now it's in the thousands of dollars (single digits at least) and still has nine days to go.

I'm forced to conclude:

1). People are into some stupid shit.
2). Many, many people may indeed have too much money.

Neither conclusion is new, but having concrete examples always sheds a fresh light.


Skylers Dad said...

Neither are particularly disturbing to me, but I would have to chose "A" I guess.

I never got the whole hair-pulling or pain thing myself. Isn't it supposed to be a pleasurable experience?

Ellen Aim said...

Nope, I'm disturbed. WANTING a headache by having your hair yanked...and then someone spending (at least) $10,000 on someone's wrist cast (even if it is Colbert and even if it is for charity) is just bizarre to me. Not a lot, just a little.

Veloute said...

I don't get either one at all. I'm going to go for the cast, though. That's just crazy. The caveman moves are just a little crazy.

I don't miss my hair getting stuck under my back when it was long. That was actually a real turn off. Too much info?

Ellen Aim said...

Nah, nothing's tmi. (I think).

If I had an insane amount of money, I still like to think I'd use it wisely. (It IS going to a good cause, but still, geez).

Anonymous said...

Trying way too hard, really.