Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm offering you my body and you're offering me semantics.

Just for Veloute!

You're right, holding back is just no fun.

D is making me one of my favorite things he makes for dinner, some honey chicken, as I had an interview today. (What a nice husband). I think it was an exercise in futility (the interview), as it's within my own department and some people's lingering farts have been there longer than I. So while I think they *had* to interview me, I suspect a far more "experienced" worker (read: someone everyone knows and loves) will end up with the job. But the interview did help pass the day. How upbeat is that.

It is ri-goddamn-diculous how long it's been since I sat down to watch a proper movie. Netfux is probably going to send a courtesy patrol car any day now.

And hey, on that note, do you all have the option to buy DVDs on Netflix? They totally don't offer me that tab. My old supervisor used to tease me because he had it and I didn't; then I noticed someone else had it as well. Seriously, I've learned the hard way that you can only queue up 500 movies at a time and what, they don't think I'd want to buy their stinkin' movies? I mean, I don't, not if they're selling the same shitty discs they send me, but still. One likes to keep her options open. One likes to be offered these things. Sheesh. Fuck them.

Time to watch movies, at any rate...oh, but first...

Alex got this via Dooce; seriously, it's the cutest thing I've seen in ages. I'm betting the lion knows them.


Veloute said...

I guess I asked for it, but oh my god, that's hilarious!

I can buy DVDs, too, from Netfux. I've also discovered I can only go up to 500 in my queue...and only after I *thought* I had just added some stuff. Damn them.

Mmmm...honey chicken.

The lion video is the cutest thing I've ever seen, I think. I've never seen a lion so happy, lol!

Skylers Dad said...

I read the story behind that video. The guy raised the cub when it was found injured, rehabilitated it and put it back into the wild. This was a couple years later when they went back to find her and see how she was doing.

That is taking a big chance on whether or not she remembers you, and really cares!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I've got the "buy" option on Netflix. I've even used it a few times too!

Not sure we needed to see that photo of Harry Potter's ass, though.

MacGuffin said...

For GOD'S sake Ellen, please no more picture of Potter's posterior!!! (or frontal's for that matter!!!)

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: Butts are just kinda funny.

I don't want their crappy DVDs anyway...

That is a damn cute lion. Kinda want one. (Ok, maybe not).

Skyler'sD: Thank you, I only found a tidbit, so that fills it out. I can't believe she *does* remember!

CherryR: Jeez, who aren't I blowing over at Netflix, wtf. And yes, you totally needed to see that ass.

MacG: Yeah, watch out, man, I'll *post* a penis. I totally will. (Ok, probably not).

MacGuffin said...

I hope I have your word on that, I really do.

Ellen Aim said...

Ok, just for you. Promise.

Veloute said...

So my tabs are these, from left to right:

Browse DVDs, Watch Instantly, Your Queue (which all of the sudden has 501! movies?), Movies You'll Heart, Community (??), and DVD Sale $5.99

Dimpled butts at that.

Ellen Aim said...

He's clenching, trying to look all tight'n stuff.