Monday, April 02, 2007

Evelyn Waugh was a man.

We're baaaaack! I guess it's nice to be home? Japan was so nice, too, though. Being in my house is nice, seeing my dad and sister again is nice...other than that, it's still goddamn Dallas.

I'll write more when the screen isn't throbbing before my very eyes. But a few highlights, lessons and general observations...

1. Krispy Kreme is the new Louis Vuitton:

(There are two parts to the line, if you notice--that glob of people off to the left is the line maze, the first part).

2. The Japanese even do mirrors better. One hotel we stayed in had a giant mirror in the bathroom and upon exiting the steamy shower, a perfect rectangle remained above the sink, perfectly clean. It had an odd horror-movie-vibe to it.

3. Running for your plane is nowhere near as cool as it looks in the movies. On the plus side, we would have been stuck in Japan, not the US.

4. Little take-out-only McDonalds at O'Hare, do you really need 27 employees all at once behind the counter, none of whom take my order? Seriously, we counted. And seriously, it was a goddamn McDonalds clowncar.

5. Cherry blossoms are the most awesome thing ever. Actually, no. Drinking beer in the park (legally! encouraged!) all day people watching and being surrounded by cherry blossoms is the most awesome thing ever.

6. The hotel bar from Lost In Translation barely looks a goddamn thing like it does in the movie. I took our three coasters anyway. (They are completely white and unmarked, but I know where they're from). (It was still a bitchin' bar with a bitchin' view, even if we were drinking $13 beers).

7. I have no idea how long I've been up but it's time for dinner and probably a whole half a Colbert episode.


Mob said...

We missed you this past weekend.

Glad you had fun and are back safe and sound.

Julie_Gong said...

I hear ya on running for a plane. I've done it before and I totally made sure to jump over someone's bag to make myself feel like I was in a movie.

Blancodeviosa said...

welcome back.. ! yay!

Ellen Aim said...

Mob: Thanks! Missed you guys on Sat knowing you were all at Morris' bday bash. But we thought of everyone and had a beer at 10:30am for everyone. (10:30am OUR time, baby!)

JG: Haha! Even though I had never done it before, it still felt trite when I finally peeled around the check-in counter and slammed my ticket down for the bored-as-could-be check-in girl.

Blanco: Thanks! Now if only I didn't have to work tomorrow...

Veloute said...

Yay! Welcome back!!

Hey, I have heard about the clean mirror thing after a shower in Japan. I'm so excited I know something. I believe there is some sort of heating element behind the mirror---or something--to keep it fog free. I do know it's a Japanese thing. They have all the cool stuff.

I've done the running for the plane thing and I really could live without doing that again.