Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It looks like a chicken wing or a cheese fry.

Mouche is entirely confused. All he knows is that his parents have been asleep for 12 hours and it's time to get the fuck up, if you ask him. I finally did. D is still fast asleep. Mouche contines to be extra-needy this morning, randomly jumping in my lap and burrowing and then running off to the bedroom, presumably to nip D. Which I think is funny.

Have to do something today, read a whole book or watch 3 movies, something since it's back to work tomorrow. It fills me with much sadness and pain to think of going back to work. I need another day of nothing! At least!

One of the most jarring things upon our return, even if only for a week, is easily the customer service aspect. And what always makes this especially jarring is that the first people you run across in the customer service area are basically airport personnel. In Japan, they don't really raise their voice (certainly not in the barking fashion you find here) and they definitely don't bitch you out if you hesitate for half a moment trying to figure out what to do or where to go--I mean jesus, we all go to the airport every day, right? I just felt so bad for any Japanese people for whom O'Hare airport was their first impression of America. But I'm sure it will only get worse. Everyone in retail is just so fucking surly...it's not that I necessarily blame them, I'm just saying it's a huge huge contrast to a country where upon entering every single place of business someone yells out "Welcome!" (in Japanese) and then proceeds to actually assist you. Weird.

Mouche is back for pets.

I've got to return a shitload of emails and keep catching up on all my missed blogs! We actully got through three Daily Shows last night before the beer took us down.

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