Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh, you know what, bite me so hard for that.

So the TiVO was getting a little full, largely due to the Desperate Housewives we've been letting accumulate.

We got the little guy after the season started (our wedding) so we've been waiting for the first few repeats to come along. After doing a little research to determine only the second episode was missing, I said fuck it and we plunged ahead. As with any of these bubble gum shows, you really couldn't tell. Although we did watch the pivotal supermarket shoot-out hostage episode last night, and that was probably one not to miss.

We still utterly loathe Teri Hatcher's character (quite possibly her at this point) and we're delighted Edie has stolen her amnesiac boyfriend.

And poor Bree not being able to smell the psychos. I wish Agent Cooper was a good guy. I'm interested to see what happens with newly not-homeless son Andrew, who maaaaybe is no longer the unimaginable dick he used to be. Probably still is. This woman's children are a fine, fine argument for birth control. Proof that sometimes, they really can just turn out like assholes no matter what you do.

On another note, it had better not rain tonigh (it wasn't supposed to), as the Denton Jazz Fest (formerly Spring Fling, yes Vel) starts tonight. I have to $#^%* work Saturday and Sunday but could possibly swing up there Saturday night if tonight rains out. By god I will eat horrendous foods (roasted almonds, huge curly potato fries, funnel cake, fried fill-in-the-blank, you name it), drink beer and listen to jazz. The website claims to have over 2,200 performers. Maybe if they count every little elementary school's Sparkle Time Motion participant, otherwise, someone can't do their math. But the main areas are a safe bet for good music and foods.

Oh, and we finally got to stock up on more Americone Dream. (This is a map pegged with all the locations of said ice cream sightings.) Apparently, it's Ben & Jerry's #1 selling flavor as of April and it's the #2 best-selling flavor in the country, behind Haagen-Dazs' Vanilla at #1. (I had no idea...)

I think Colbert was just so excited he beat out Cherry Garcia.

Now, off to do titillating see about switching electric companies, find an German auto place for my 120,000 miles tune-up (go Hans!), plant bulbs (cherry vanilla lilies, free with my tree purchase) and tell AT&T that no, they cannot sell my info (they sent a nice letter telling me they would unless we called and gave them a weird # off our bill that HEY, conveniently, was NOT on the letter they sent out. Fuckers.), and put the laundry away. This is why I had better be able to eat junk food tonight!


Veloute said...

Americone still not found in Montpelier, capitol of fucking VERMONT, people! ARGH!

Maybe it's all gone when I look?

2,200 performers? I think not.

I miss the Jazz Fest :(

Al said...

What hedonism. Laundry, phone, car and electric?

Pace yourself lovey! You'll be burnt out by 35 if you continue like this.

*sarcasm font ripped to the tits and swinging his pants around his head*

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: That is just weird and wrong. It COMES from there, right? Maybe they are trying to convert the red states through ice cream.

Al: Actually I plan on being a millionaire by that time at which point I can just delegate.