Thursday, April 19, 2007

I live here my whole life and I'm like a disease.

I think I forgot to mention that today is my first day (GLORIOUS DAY) off after the ten straight days of hell. Greaseball "let me off" making up the other two of the four days I took off. (After a short wank of listening to himself talk about it).

It is GORGEOUS outside. It should be JUST LIKE THIS all the time. 74F-ish? Sunny. I already RoundUp-ed the better part of the backyard. Our weeds seem to have a cockroach-style approach to life which is making mine somewhat difficult. I can't wait to see chunks of the yard die off. And I'm really excited that not only is my foxglove still alive, a new stem of buds has emerged...soon...soon...

And to think a few weeks ago D asked me if it was a giant weed! Hmph!

The lambs ears are thriving, too. Now we just need the picnic bench for the rock area and we're nearly set. I got two cast iron torches (courtesy of the rest of an xmas gift card) so now D can actually see while he grills at night. He makes the yummiest pineapple burgers.

And the mail already came! And you know what was in the mail? Nothing but 'flix! Now that's my kinda mail day.

Off to fry some pickles, watch some Duckface (I know, FINALLY; didn't I blog about that movie like, a week ago?) and have a beer.


Al said...

I could spend hours watching bumble-bees disappear into foxgloves. That cool amplified buzz you get when they're inside the flowers, rocks!

Blancodeviosa said...

i am sooo depressed. that easter snow made all our bloomies look like poopie.

oh and btw, that card you sent was so cute.

Ellen Aim said...

Al: Very eager for mine to bloom! I'm just so thrilled I didn't kill it. Yet.

Blanco: Aw! Sorry for the crap blooms. I can't remember the last time we saw weather like that so late. And I thought the card would be to both your likings! Needless to say, bought it in Austin.

Veloute said...

So awesome. I want a pineapple burger.

Ellen Aim said...

I'll make you one!