Friday, April 13, 2007

Blanche can look at you with a gaze of unflappable superiority, detachment and disinterest...not unlike how you're looking at me now.

Mega tornado-type weather today, nothing good enough to kill time at work down in the shelter, so let's move on, shall we?

Bid on 5 weeping cherry blossom trees

surely none of which will be this big. This tree is bigger than my yard.

But they shall be mine, oh yes. And we shall go to the ball!

Speaking of which, at least three people have mentioned the True Colors Tour to me. The first was of course, Alex, and I kinda thought, eh, it'll sell out and either way, it's probably not worth our time. Long story. But anyway, then Mob & Co mentioned they'd be coming up for it, and then my friend J started blathering about how I had to go...and no, I'm *not* going, but it's still kinda funny. I did actually look into it. I read somewhere about $15 tickets, whatever.

Yeah, those $15 tickets? Those are 4 packs on the lawn. I had to deal with not being able to see these people at an age when I couldn't quite drive and I didn't have money (well, I probably had more than I do now, but who said reason has to play into this?), and now I'm going to pay ANYTHING to see them on a huge SCREEN, on **A GODDAMN LAWN** while drinking **$9 COORS LIGHT**?? I. Don't. Fucking. Think. So.

The real tickets, as it turns out, are $76 each. And I'm sorry, but if I'm going to put up with Dallas, crowds, and ugh, PEOPLE (which one could assume would be included in the "crowds" category, but "crowds" doesn't really cover the individual stupids you invariably run into), well, then those are the tickets I'm going to fucking be buying. And I'm not going to buy them, I'm just not. First of all, I just don't think anyone needs to see me in public at an Erasure concert. Haven't seen them since, what, 1995? I would probably embarrass myself, which I do enough as it is. I don't care if it's the same week as my birthday, respect becomes all the more important as one gets older. (I will buy myself a nice DVD and get quietly plastered at home instead.) And hey, I'm delighted to have a candy necklace fused to my skin like last time (while doused in bubbles and glitter), but surely the nostalgia and cheap beer (I'm not drinking that shit, by god, I'll smuggle in a plastic flask if I somehow wind up there) would push me over the top and then everyone else would have to pretend like they were too tipsy to be able to remember how goofy I was.

Anyhoo. My mom gave me a disc of her Japan pics and D got some of them printed yesterday. I have, apparently, really mastered the Look of Disdain. It's kind of sad. On the other hand, I must thank Fredericks of Hollywood for their assistance in helping me appear to graduate from the Mosquito Bite class. Anything is a help. In any case, I'll post some of her pics in the near future. She did a much better job taking pictures of the stuff I missed and wished I had taken more pictures of!

Ok, I lied, here are three.

Oh honey, me too.

My old neighborhood, between my old shrine and my apartment.

And the coolest place I have ever stayed ever, ever, ever.

I cannot believe I have five more fucking days of work.


alex said...

Yeah... I mean, honestly. That is really a perfect memory. (except for the two mountains in front of us) We were insanely close in a small venue, we were gifted candy necklaces and bottles of bubbles by drag queens, and they rained white feathers down us for "Rain." (Plus, tell me you remember that @#$%&ing VIP parking space.) :D

It would be so cool to see them again. But... yeah. ;) Can you imagine getting closer than nosebleed BFE at this stage in the game?

Which is to say I totally get the vibe you are unsuccessfully trying to talk yourself out of this, and you should absolutely go. XD

Also: omg your hotel in Tokyo.

Ellen Aim said...

TOTALLY normally talking myself out of it. But $150??? Shah, right. Over it, fa' SURE. The [$76] seats are ok, even at this stage, but it's maybe like trying to revisit prom??

Much prefer the PERFECT memory, and YES that was the sweetest parking space OF ALL TIME.

alex said...

...Not that the perfect memory would be harmed by seeing them again.

Andy. Vince. Stiletto cowboy boots. Several hundred people who get Erasure all assembled in one place. ♥


(Was there much storm damage in your neighborhood? I hate tornado season.)

Veloute said...

I totally understand about the Erasure concert.

I would type more but laughing too hard at mosquito bite size. Please share your secret. Pregnancy helps but it is only temporary.

I want your hotel room. And some good law-men times. Ho, baby!

I really don't miss those tornadoes, glad you are okay!