Sunday, April 08, 2007

Justin, someone just came on your cat.

Just for a diverse little morning (afternoon?), I started off by finishing Gideon's Daughter followed immediately by Shortbus.

The former stars the magnificent Bill Nighy, and it was for this performance he won a Golden Globe this year. It was really well done, about a man who [somewhat discreetly] doesn't listen as he goes about his job and has become a sensation in the PR world (his business) largely beause of this. Several interesting characters are tied into his world, most importantly his daughter, with whom he has an estranged relationship to say the least. (This would be the also-wonderful Emily Blunt.) This is a terrible oversimplification; it's also just a little surreal...I enjoyed it. But then, after wrapping up this BBC-produced number, to pop in the new John Cameron Mitchell film (of Hedwig and the Angry Inch fame), well it was a change.

This is the film my friend J had to screen as his last film at the Angelika. Not only was I on the phone with him while he was watching the first part (I got to listen to his stunned silence as he watched one of the characters try to engage in self-fellatio), but just the other day he said it was a bit much for him "when one of the guys in the all-male threesome scene started singing The Star Spangled Banner into the other guy's balloon knot." But honestly, the sexually graphic scenes (which are fairly well done, not creepy and forced in an Eyes Wide Shut kind of way) are just a small part of a very decent film. It has lots of nice touches, it's very creative, fun and more than a touch sentimental.


Blancodeviosa said...

hmmm... you have interesting tastes.

i like it!

MacGuffin said...

I don't like the way the second chick is eyeballin me with that "toy".

Ellen Aim said...

Blanco: Thanks! Nothing like two polar opposites for a movie day!

Mac: She kinda scared me throughout the entire movie, actually. I thought it was going to be a tougher watch than it was, but mercifully there was only one closepin-on-the-nipple shot.