Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thank you, darling. Big kiss. The earring - fun... last year.

I am exhausted. And for no reason. Sure, I got up early the past two days and planted trees but come on. Surely that is not what's wiping me out. Normally I'd say my diet doesn't help but for the past week or two I've actually been cooking! Spinach/kale gratin, new garlic-lemon-shrimp dish, enchiladas, etc!

Unlike tonight, which is mostly wine so far. (D is closing). So just wine, spa and Amy Tan. I don't think I ever mentioned finishing Capote. Jesus. Started out great, got monstrously tedious (damn, it just felt like a high school book) and then the finish was fine. I mean, the writing is great but it was the subject matter. I found the blow-by-blow of the two killers' lives previous to the murder to be repetitive and uninteresting. And to be honest I put forth little effort in keeping the two separate in my mind, however different their personalities were.

I went on auto to such an extent today that I almost gave my cell number instead of the company's fax number while on the phone (they both start 817, so apparently sometime after that my brain switched off).

On the very plus side it's Drew's birthday (he gets there a full two months before I) and the geisha doll he requested from Kyoto arrived exactly today. (Because my mom did the mailing and she has the magic touch). And he is going to hopefully fly down to Dallas mid-June. He has never been to Dallas (and clearly this will involve an Austin trip in a desperate attempt to make Texas likable). I figure we'll have to hit both extremes: the Billy Bob's of Fort Worth on down to the Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs of Dallas. Maybe somewhere in the middle an actual gay cowboy will appear. (Why not, we have gay Republicans and what could be more unlikely than that? Oooh, black gay Republicans!)


MacGuffin said...

Black transgender Republicans are fairly rare I would think.

Al said...

Any chance of some tree piccies?

Blancodeviosa said...

you think mac?!

Ellen Aim said...
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Ellen Aim said...

My first boyfriend was a black transgender Republican.

And I don't think I should post tree pics yet, they are too...well, they are basically sticks at this point! It would be sad. But assuming they take and continue to live, they shall soon merit photo-taking!