Thursday, April 05, 2007

If you don't have a brewski in your hand you might as well be wearing a dress.

Saturday morning, around 10:15 am. God, I think it was Satuday.

We saw lots of posters for this beer so we bought it. I don't know if you can see it, but it says "Refreshing New Style!" and then on top it says "Style Free!" I guess that IS a new style! So we just started calling it the "FreeStyle" beer. D is very sad they do not have it here. This is Shinjuku Gyoen, by the way. (Shinjuku Park, basically). It was a little chilly in the morning but it warmed up nicely. Didn't stop people setting up picnics! We snuck in beer--Shinjuku Gyoen says "NO ALCOHOL" but I recall sneaking in wine years ago and as we rapidly found among us, everyone else brough in booze, too.

My beer says "Enjuku" and that sounds like "Enjoy" and that's good enough for me. I did.

And then it was off to Osaki (actually this was Thursday around noontime, after eating at Kua'Aina, my old Hawaiian burger/sandwich joint. Hey, no one said we were doing this post in any kind of ORDER, thank you). Osaki is my old neighborhood where Drew and I used to live. This is the shrine I used to pass through every day on my way to and from work. If only I had something similar these days. I assure you I appreciated it at the time, which is why this next photo is so depressing. See that crap over to the right? They are building on it and making it bigger! Wtf? It was so much better when it was small and perfect. Plus that used to be the frickin' pathway to get to the apartment.

If you turned around, this was the view on your way back to the station.

It's so nice to have this photo in color finally. I took the same picture one night at the shrine messing around with Drew, not realizing I had B&W film in my camera. It's nice in B&W, but y'know? Kind of a bitch, considering.

And finally, the hotel we stayed at very, very briefly! That's our room right there!

And the view from our window...

And the line at Krispy Kreme just across from our hotel's entrance. I woke up at 3am and savored the view of NO ONE being in Shinjuku (weird) and around 6am went out to get breakfast for us. There was no one in line and I almost thought about popping over to see if they were about to open. (But even if I HAD snaked a sweet spot...I'd have to EAT them). By the time I came back with breakfast, fifteen minutes later, a line had already formed. Then, about 7am, this was the shot (and IT WAS RAINING, as you can tell):

And some of these were shot with 1600 if any smartasses are wondering about the GRAIN...


Blancodeviosa said...

awe.. you look cute with your little japanese beer

Triana said...

Brilliant pictures! Oh so beautiful there. Jeff and I are making notes of where to visit when we go!

Have you seen the Kimbell exhibit of the Japanese paintings? We were going to go at the end of April.

Ellen Aim said...

Blanco: I look like I hate having my picture taken! (Which I pretty much do!)

Triana: No, I haven't been to the Kimbell in ages, but I'm going to go look it up now! (And if you do go for the last weekend in April you should hit Denton for the fried foods of Jazz Fest!)

Veloute said...

You mean the Spring Fling? I miss that.

Fabulous pictures. You are so cute. Now I want beer. That beer. You should advertise.

I am just loving the Krispy Kreme lines.

Oh, and I really want some of this FreeStyle beer. I bet it tastes even better under the cherry blossoms.

Mob said...

It all looks quite fabulous, the wife is now completely on about going to Japan...

You both look cute as shit posing with your beers, I'm glad you had such a great time.

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: It's been around so long even the big kids call it Jazz Fest now. ;P

I don't think 'apprehensive' is the look Enjuku Beer goes for! (And everything tastes better under the cherry blossoms!)

Mob: Obviously, I highly recommend Japan! Go at the end of March or in mid-November for the red Japanese Maples (HAVE TO go to Kyoto in that case for the incredible history).

MacGuffin said...

I'm positively green right now. It all looks so serene and not so overly populated with people. Not what I would've expected.

fyi- macguffin = daveyyo