Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wow, and I almost wore my goatee tonight. Wouldn't that have been embarrassing.

Because I love my husband, I bought him season 9 of Friends last night. (He's only missing the last two seasons). It's hard for me because I already dislike the series, but then I'm in Target carrying it around and you know everyone thinks it's for me. Not that I care, but it's such a stereotype I just want to yell out, "Actually, it's for my husband!" and of course no one would care.

I thought I could tolerate a few episodes and I did, but still, after two I needed an emergency dose of something I consider hysterical, so we watched

because I don't think there has ever been a time when I just wasn't in the mood for Kicking and Screaming. It can almost always make me happy. (Even though it's vaguely depressing, really).

My trees (not the weeping cherries) from the National Arbor Foundation arrived today in the weirdest package ever. Apparently all 9 can be bundled together, roots wrapped in damp cloths and shipped in a tall triangular box. Weird. I obviously need to plant them soon. It's dark out. I work tomorrow at 10:30am, so we'll see how this goes.

The one with the biggest spread (45'), the sugar maple (supposedly turns burnt orange/red in the fall) I want to plant between my yard and the neighbors'. These would not be the uber-friendly neighbors, these would be the neighbors who have two semi-obnoxious boys (they are probably angels as far as 10(?) year old boys go, beats me) and with whom we have never really spoken. I guess I should drop by and mention hey, I'm going to be planting a huge fucking tree in, basically, both our yards.

Most everything else, the lacebark elm, southern magnolia (YUM SMELL!), red maple

(HAHA! Like it will EVER look like this in TX!)

and a couple regular Japanese flowering trees can go in the backyard.

In the meantime, it's time to make the lemony-garlic-shrimp thing featured in this month's Fine Cooking. Luckily we still have The Thing From Another World to watch tonight, courtesy of a great recommendation via Cinemaslave Joe's fantastic Thing-themed podcast, so I don't have to watch Saw III, which arrived today. I do have to placate the other half from time to time, you know...


Mob said...

They ship trees like that too?

That's funny.

That's how we always received most of our flowers at the flowershop back in the day, bundled together and wrapped in wet newspapers around their cut ends.

Good luck with the planting, I hope everything takes.

Al said...

Japanese Maple. Like Lux Interior sang, "You've got good taste."

It's that canned laughter on Friends that drives me to turn it off in a matter of seconds.


Veloute said...

If I had a house in Texas and I could only plant one thing it would be a massive amount of wisteria.

Oh, I do love magnolia.

Good luck! (I had no idea they shipped trees like that!)

MacGuffin said...

Have you seen Mr. Jealousy by the same director as Kicking and Screaming? If not, I think you'd like it. Good luck with planting the trees and finessing your neighbors.

Blancodeviosa said...

ooooh, i love japanese maples!! good choice my dear :)

Ellen Aim said...

They are in the ground and hopefully they will LIVE!

And MacG, I have not seen Mr. least not that I recall. I just remember it had Eric S...will definitely check it out.

And Vel, WISTERIA. Love it. Just have NO IDEA where to put it...I'll come up with something...