Monday, March 19, 2007

This movie's not silent! I can hear it sucking!

Overheard from last night's Simpsons episode D was watching. (Speaking of which, damn! How good has South Park been lately??) The "Naggers" episode was shocking enough, but the latest, "Cartman Sucks," is definitely one of the best. It's all about "praying the gay away."

Anyway, I know, I'm lame. But it was a busy weekend! I had to work on Saturday, which I've gotten used to not doing.

Otherwise, the weekend went fairly well. D had a very nice birthday. Aside from the giant pet food recall due to sickness (only one woman called incredibly distraught), D's workday on his birthday wasn't too bad. We went, per his wishes, to the Studio Movie Grill to see Dead Silence. Oh my god did it suck. I was drinking and it was still not quite a oncer. Sadly, they had it in the smallest house and it was selling out. It was basically a thirty-minute movie stretched into a 90 minute feature. But it made him happy. I'm sure we'll see something equally shit for my birthday--my day falls exactly one week before the 4th of July, meaning I get all the big summer "hits." This year it would seem to be a Live Free or Die Hard birthday.

Our old roommate Rob came as well, along with his newish girlfriend Katie (the one we knew he liked because he wouldn't fart in front of her just yet...I'm sure he's long since grown comfortable enough to do so). LOVE Katie. He finally got one right. She is really, really cool. It was so foreign to me to be able to make offhand references to chick movies (you know, good ones) and have someone in the room get it.

[Editor's Note: Make that "someone who isn't related to me."]

And...Rob brought over his Wii. Both times he said, "We brought the Wii," I had to remind myself he wasn't saying, "I brought the weed." LOVE the Wii. So much fun. I usually do not partake of the gaming because I'm just so far behind the times it takes me ages to learn how to even use the damn controller, whereas everyone else has been playing the shit out of their XBox-what-have-you for huge chunks of their life. However. Wii is so new and it's a new controller and so we were all sort of on the same page. I totally kicked some Tiger Woods ass, not to mention pull off a fairly decent bowling score. I'm not saying I need to own one (I barely get to spend time with my gay Sim), but Rob can bring that over anytime. (And no, the controller did not go flying into the TV as some people have accidentally done).
Ooh, and earlier that day I happened to have an interesting conversation at work. Not someone necessarily famous, but relevant to me personally. I spoke with the guy who co-founded the arthouse theatre in which I used to work and in which I met my husband. (He hasn't been part of the company in many years, since it's been re-sold amongst different companies). We spoke at length about the current state of the theatre, his current projects (the Teluride Film Festival), etc. And upon looking him up, I found the bitchin' theatre he runs.

In 2005 those bastards had a Louis Malle festival!! A goddamn bona fide 18-film tribute! Dallas could never support that kind of culture fest. I drooled. This is exactly the sort of place D and I want to run. We're coming to terms with the fact that no arthouse theatre does strictly repertory films...even the Alamo Drafthouse shows first-runs. *sighs* Which hey, that's fine if we happen to live in a place that actually supports foreign or indie films. So...not Dallas.

And speaking of indie drooling, it looks like I may not get to meet Mr. David Lynch after all. The friend of a friend who was to secure passes is unable to do so due to the high demand. Which I suppose I should support (except I'm way selfish and therefore do not). Mr. Lynch specifically requested, however, that a second show be added (and I could get passes for that one). That feature, however, will not have a Q&A. Now, not to be a total child, but that is almost worse to me. That's like seeing a really awesome kitten in the window and going in to adopt it only to have someone else beat you to it. You can see the kitten, but you don't get to have the kitten. You don't even get to pet it. This may be the worst analogy ever. But you see my point. And at this point I think I'd rather just wait and enjoy Inland Empire on my own system than tolerate being inside the shitstain that is The Magnolia. Yes, even glimpsing the man would be cool (he will introduce it, after all), but I want the whole cake, baby.

On the upside of a completely different note, we're going to see a taping of The Daily Show!

I got tickets for us for our anniversary--and actually, not our wedding anniversary but the old one we used to celebrate, best known as the "Cannibal Holocaust Anniversary." So August 7th. If I'm still working at my current job, of course, as it obviously entails going to NYC. They had some for as early as April, but I figured we'd still be recovering financially from Japan. And perhaps you're thinking, "Hmm, The Daily Show? But you're always blathering on about The Colbert Report?" I know, but I adore The Daily Show almost as much (they certainly have more impressive guests, to be honest...after all, you don't have to be afraid on the damn Daily Show) and ok, Colbert is **impossible** to get tickets for. They won't even let people request tickets if they've seen the show in the past six months. And they won't even let you request tickets period because they're so overbooked. So yeah, I do check.

See? Busy weekend.


Triana said...

That's it, I'm going to start living in your suitcase!!!

Ellen Aim said...

Yes, please, come along! (If my job doesn't make me shoot myself first...)

daveyyojimbo said...

You suck! I'd love to do the live audience thing for The Daily Show. :( As for culture, be thankful you have a theatre that even shows indies let alone repertory films. :( Can you imagine David Lynch coming to Odessa or Midland? Ha! I'm gonna go sulk now.

Ellen Aim said...

David Lynch would so go to Odessa. At least, he should. If he were true to form.

I'll bring you back a Jon Stewart piece of history. maybe I'll be there on a night when I've heard of the guest...

daveyyojimbo said...

He might come here if he were invited but that ain't gonna happen, not in my lifetime.

Ellen Aim said...

Hell, I think he's being paid megabucks to even be in DALLAS. Austin I understand...