Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.

I got all spacey around 3:30pm today.

Then I attended a meeting around 4pm in which I did not need to participate so my brain completely shut off. I just got damn tired all of a sudden. Driving home on the most evil of all highways (I always thought it was LBJ but 360 has taught me otherwise. I hear rumors of 183 being even worse but praise the shred of sanity 360 has left me, hopefully I'll never have to know). Luckily it's still closer than my old (much missed--however lame it was amazing I got paid for what I was doing) job so even when I crawl home I still get home in 45 minutes at the worst instead of 1 hr 15 min at the worst.

Did I mention I've been a little spacey for the end of today?

So much so that as soon as traffic picked up, I got so excited I turned on my blinker and nearly exited at a completely random exit. Seriously. I have no fuckin' idea what made me try to exit. Luckily good sense (any sense at all really) kicked in and I turned off my blinker and pretended like nothing had happened.

D has been sick since yesterday, just headache/congestion/nausea (is that all?) but made it in today and had an interview for a promotion within, which it looks like he will be getting and a move to a bigger store--wait for it--closer to home!! No more Addison, woo hoo! (Not that I don't like Addison--they have my Flying Saucer with the GOOD pretzels. But it's so far). I'm so glad for once that they seem to realize how much work he really does. Most jobs don't notice or give two rat farts.

Time for dindin.


alex said...

Eek! O_o More sleep for you. Maybe all the super-early mornings are catching up with you? :/

Veloute said...

Congrats to D on the promotion and I hope you guys are better/rested soon!

Triana said...

I hear alcohol kills germs so I'm sure a glass of wine would help!

Er...well ok, it's a working theory.

Blancodeviosa said...

that is the thing about dallas. one wrong exit and then 20 minutes to circle and start over. i couldn't do it. nooo....
daveyyo and i exit on the wrong exit 3 times in a row. talk about dingbats..

Ellen Aim said...

alex: too much using my brain. ow.

vel: hey, I shouldn't complain, I don't have to deal with two small barfing little ones!! *kneels, unworthy*

tri: got the wine in hand, good call.

blanco: every day I think "I need to find another way home," and then I get home and I leave the MAPSCO in the car and go inside and drink and think the same thing the next day. Oh well.