Sunday, March 04, 2007

I did not spend six years in junior college to be a maid.

I had a moderately nice weekend, fairly uneventful, which I think is good. The days are nice and warm but the evenings are a little chilly. That was especially annoying last night since I was determined to use the grill. And D didn't get home (due to closing the store) til around 11. But since I have the patience of a small gerbil, well, we used the grill, didn't we? On the hugely plus side, what we were grilling was prime filet mignon from Central Market. Thought I should christen the grill properly. Actually, D did, so I kind of got out of the whole chilly-as-shit ordeal.

But I did make bearnaise sauce for the steak, which turned out nicely. It was no Les Halles bearnaise, but it was still nummy. It was much easier this time than the first time I made hollandaise. I guess that's how this whole "practice" thing is supposed to work. And to CLEAN the grill...well, I used a little Williams Sonoma card that had been burning a hole in my bag for ages...(a month?)...I got a super-snazzy double-sided brush with steel wool and bristles and a flat chisel edge. Very cool. Ok, and a kitchen torch with gas (hello, creme brulee!) and a way cool veggie chopper. SO neat. Always wanted one but spending my own money would mean I was too lazy to chop veggies. That was a very nice wedding gift from Daveyyojimbo and Blancodeviosa. Don't worry, I'm not nine, I'll send a real letter! And yes, D was thrilled to have these things, too; I shopped with him in mind. I skipped the $45 lobster pick. Seriously, they had them.

We watched Stranger Than Fiction, which D liked much better than I. I thought it was barely a oncer, despite starring Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Will Ferrell (Alex and I agree that enjoying Will Ferrell depends largely on how good the material is to begin with. I think I like Will Ferrell, but I'm not going to go out and rent Anchorman, for god's sake). It was just...mediocre. I mean, obviously you can't overthink the movie or you're probably not going to enjoy it. And it did have cute moments, sure, but overall...meh. It just wasn't enough.

Much better in the film line-up was today's Infamous, the second movie that came out about Truman Capote. It's actually too bad, because in many ways it's a superior film. It's hard to say who does a better Capote, especially since I'm a huge Philip Seymour Hoffman fan, but Toby Jones does a great job. I think it's honestly okay to say they're just different performances and leave it at that. And I also have a very weak embarrassing spot for Sandra Bullock but she made me cringe as Harper Lee. I don't know if her accent was as horrendous as I think it was or if she just looked too goddamn silly doing it.

Speaking of goddamn silly, Alex and I also found ourselves discussing that embarrassing stain of a 1987 flick, Maid to Order. Well, I was all set to revel in my online anonymity and have Netfux send me a copy, only to have the little Save button come up. So now it can sit on my list indefinitely and just leave a little stain wherever it goes. So then I looked on amazon, curious if it had ever even been on DVD. Get this: it has, but it's out of print and people are selling USED COPIES for $18. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS for Maid to Order.

Look at it. You remember this. This stupid movie that was on Showtime all the time and we all saw most if not all of it half a dozen times. I just remember her getting out of the pool naked and a scene in which she dumped a huge pickle from an ashtray. This is one of those rare times that, should I find myself near a videostore that actually rents VHS (so, not Cockbluster), well, I might have to don a pair of sunglasses and create a fake account. I guess I could buy it on amazon for $2, but who the fuck wants to own this? And getting rid of VHS is not easy these days.

Anyhoo. I drained the hot tub today...he was getting a little murky. I think this will be the last refill before he gets "summerized." Spa people talk about "winterizing" your hot tub, but what better time to have a spa? Whereas there's something about sweltering July that just doesn't really say "hot tub" to me. Especially in a sunroom with no A/C. Yum yum.


Veloute said...

You know, I don't think I've ever seen Maid to Order?

Ellen Aim said...

And it should stay that way.