Friday, March 16, 2007

I say smack her and let it go at that.

Guess who's coming to town.

It's for the AFI Film Festival next week; she'll be here (so I understand) Thursday and Friday. (I will be unable to partake of greatness, I already sold my soul in order to get in on the Lynch action).

The film on Thursday has nothing to do with her, she's helping present an award alongside Sydney Pollack. Her film is on Friday. What is is? Why, one of the few existing prints of Dark Passage. And according to the guy who's cleaning it right now (my friend J), it's uncut. He'll have to cut it for the platter system. Hey, says I, she'll be there, I think it might be worth it. Ah, but when is it showing on Friday?

2:15 in the afternoon.


alex said...

♥ Wicked.

Ellen Aim said...

But what a total dis! TWO in the AFTERNOON?? What happened to prime time evening spot??

I still wanna go, even if it was at 7am...

Veloute said...

What a weird time of day.

Now SHE is like butter. Rich, velvety, sweet butter.

daveyyojimbo said...

Very cool. I love those all those old hollywood glamour shots. I have several framed in my den of Bogie, Bacall, Mitchum, Grant, and Orson Welles.

Ellen Aim said...

me, too. all those shots always seem so effortless, not like the shots you see today. I guess velvety butter shot better back then. No real velvet butter competition these days.

I have a special soft spot for Grant, even if I can't necessarily stand all his movies.