Thursday, March 01, 2007

You know, sometimes I get so flushed, it's interesting. Do your palms ever itch?

I have very little exciting news to write about, hmm. Alex once, ages ago, sent me to Dooce, a hysterical blog, and I visited and it was great. And she reminded me recently, so I went back and laughed my ass off some more. I know everyone already knows about Dooce, but hey, you can count on me to always be behind.

On a way positive note, my technical director dear sweet friend has given me the heads up (I sort of burned it into his head that the moment he heard even a suggestion of a mouse fart about David Lynch coming to Dallas, he had to tell me) that yes, David Lynch is coming to Dallas during the AFI Festival for his film Inland Empire.

He and the fantabulous Laura Dern shall be there.

God willing, so shall I.

I don't know if I have even one single thing the man could sign that wouldn't be so embarrassingly obvious. As Lynch and his fans are so die-hard culty, well, the hell do you present David Lynch to sign that isn't the usual? My Japanese VHS bootleg of Eraserhead? Actually, that's winning at the moment since it's Japanese and I think he likes Japan as much as I do. The Jack Nance documentary would be sweet and sentimental (yes, Lynch is in it), but uh, I don't own it.

I took communications in college with Jack Nance's niece, btw! She found out I was a Twin Peaks freak and found me after class. Sadly, I cannot remember her name. Sadly, he was also already deceased at the time.

Ok, I'm getting all excited and gushy.

What these two are doing in Dallas is beyond me. Someone is clearly getting paid a very decent sum of money.

One more day of work this week, one more day of work this turns out I finished 2nd in my class of 17 (story of my life...actually, in high school I was 17 out of 555, and you know what? I think this current ranking, which in turn determines my schedule, probably matters way the hell more). So I got to pick whatever shift I wanted (out of the crap available) and as long as it wasn't what Stephanie (#1 in the class and a fantastically cynical bitch who doesn't want children but is marrying an Australian and we'll all try to forgive her) wanted. It wasn't. So I get Sundays and Mondays off and work the other days 9:30am-6pm. This is a dream shift and I'm giddy with joy. (Almost everyone else works 12:30-9pm). However, they bid for shifts every three months and guess what? This is only my schedule for the next TWO WEEKS. D'OH!!! Part of which shall be spent in Japan anyway.

Me. There, on that island. NOT AT WORK. March 27th. (Ok, 28th, travel time). Me. There. Drinking. Eating. Drinking. Eating. Not working. I could sleep in the alleys of Kabukicho and it would be an improvement. Rest assured, one big ass fucking smile on my face.


Triana said...

Dooce absolutely rocks. :) I highly recommend daily readings.

I can't wait to hear of your adventures in Japan!!

Blancodeviosa said...

david lynch in dallas??!!! oh shit were is my suitcase?
dear mr. lynch,
i am your biggest fan. i have completely shrouded my house in red velvet curtains and all my midgets are preparing your room. i am so pleased you are corresponding with me again. the judge has been so kind as to lowered my distance from a mile to 500 feet. see we are that much closer now? i am not sure why the letters say stalker on the letters though. i never get near corn.

Ellen Aim said...

Triana: Loving Dooce. And I need to start realizing that Japan is right around the corner!!

Blanco: I laughed my ass off at this. Is it wrong that my sunroom is draped in all blue velvet curtains? I swear it's a coincidence...

Blancodeviosa said...

liar. you know you are a stalker too :)

Ellen Aim said...

but I'm just a *little* stalker...

Veloute said...

You rock, btw! 2nd place!

I would come over with libation if I could.