Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Well, you don't know my cat. It's very demanding.

The highlight of my day may have been at 7:45am while crawling through traffic listening to All Songs Considered on Superfly Amadeus and usually it's a half-hour of show of great indie stuff. Well for some reason this episode was sucking. And I wasn't even in a bad mood. I noticed it had one song left and I almost moved on altogether but happily, I did not, because the last song was the brand new Fountains of Wayne song! I used to love their older stuff, recommended to me by my dad. Then a few years ago this song came on the radio I loathed and despised called, yup, "Stacey's Mom." They played the ever-living-shit out of it on the radio and I wanted blood, I tell you, that's how much they played it. I was ready to throw feces. And then one day I saw a new Fountains of Wayne CD in the store and looked at it and went, oops. But now that I do not listen to Dallas radio and some time has passed, I can not only listen to "Stacey's Mom," I actually find it bouncy and enjoyable. I used to think, you know, those lyrics are just a litle bit creepy. But I guess I got over it.

From NPR's site, you can listen to "Someone to Love". It's way bouncy and the ending made me laugh. It's not going where you think it's going. I'm glad I don't listen to radio anymore so when Clear Channel starts raping it like a drugged date I won't have to start hating it.

Work is going ok. I'm just choosing not to write about it, it can only end badly if I do. No real complaints just yet. Certainly nothing I can't go into without being way too specific.

More importantly, 20 days. (Til Japan).

Netfux didn't send me my stuff today. I think they are trying to tell me they want Running With Scissors back. I have had it for ages. Meh.

Dammit! Stephen Colbert finally addressed his ice cream on the show the other night (I suppose they put it off due to the fact they actually had Ben & Jerry on the show). And then? They gave every single person in the audience their own pint! Why wasn't I there? I blogged about it weeks ago, do I get one? I'll compromise--just agree to sell the shit in Texas and I'll let it go. (And after they announced that they were giving everyone a pint, they cut to the audience's reaction on Oprah when she gave everyone a car).

Don't try to work out what John Cusack has to do with this post. It was a random whim.


Blancodeviosa said...

i looked all over for that damned colbert icecream.. i got nothin' i guess they figure us rubes are fat enuff. :(

Triana said...

I can't find it either. It's rather RUDE of them. I would think they would want the dessert aisle to have a more conservative influence, hello! ;)

Veloute said...

Heck, guys, I can't find it in VERMONT.

Consequently, I had to buy three other flavors to make up for this.