Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Even if I did get past all my problems, I'm just gonna get out and get new ones.

How chipper. I'm totally reading both In Cold Blood (finally...this is so one of those I somehow missed during high school/college...)

and Devil's Knot.

Honestly, the former is way creepier. The writing is fantastic and the shock element, the "out of the blue" aspect of the crime is very well depicted. The second is utterly depressing. I do find it very interesting because I've learned much more about Damien Echols' past than was ever depicted in the Paradise Lost films. Inasmuch as I want to be on the side of the wrongly accused, I find it difficult to put too much faith in documentaries. And really, it's a shame not to shed light on his checkered past considering what a terribly botched case it appears to be.

But In Cold Blood is much creepier to me. The whole West Memphis Three thing...don't get me wrong, the people in that little town scare the fuck out of me. But I hardly forsee my having to worry about running into them.

Don't worry, I also checked out the newest Amy Tan to balance things out.


Blancodeviosa said...

yes.. sounds like very upbeat reading. i think i will check it out. i haven't kicked the dogs in awhile

daveyyojimbo said...

Just curious but where do you get all of these movie quotes? Off the top of your head or is there a resource you refer to?

Ellen Aim said...

blanco: shit, as I'm reading...gotta say, total dog-kicking material. such a downer!!

daveyyo: totally random. sometimes it has nothing to do with the content (obviously) and just off the top of my head, othertimes I search for a word in quotes via imdb. Othertimes it's just a classic--some of which I'm sure i've already double-dipped on...other times it's theme-influenced.

I used to have way too much time on my hands to watch movies. Obviously...