Saturday, March 10, 2007

This is so bad it's gone past good and back to bad again.

So Alex came up this weekend. We sampled Americone Dream (yum), watched Wicker Park (how in holy fuck that happened...all three of us got through it, which is fairly impressive...god that was tripe) and D made us burgers on the newish grill which were fan-fucking-tastic.

Then Alex and I went to the Parks Mall today, and as you can see from the above photo, got distracted by really bad prom dresses. Really cheap (quality) and really impressive. And we both noticed that somehow most of the dresses ended up looking so much better in the photos than in real life. Weird. Plus I was in most of them and wow, someone doesn't photograph well. So you can just imagine them.

Then we hit Calloway's on the way home and I was very naughty. I got a little something for D I know he has always wanted...and it was supercool, we were both in awe.

Our new Nepenthes 'Gentle', a carnivorous pitcher plant. Or as Alex put it, as she poured out the milky contents of his pitchers, our Bukkake Plant.

He likes humidity, so he is going to live by the spa, and he especially likes bright light and rainwater (so he's in the perfect spot but can go outside if and when it ever freaking rains). Apparently in the more tropical regions, some of these guys can even eat lizards and (small??) rats.

Was supposed to go to a party tonight with co-workers but since they're nice but not really my crowd (two of the three I like had to miss out as well), well...the (apparently dominant) anti-social urge wins out once again! Hoorah!


Veloute said...

Cool plant! Fiona would love to have something like that. There is no way I could keep it alive. Lizards. Awesome.

Those are PROM dresses? Ew.

Veloute said...

Oh, I meant to say we're trying to grow Venus Flytrap plants for her (she can't wait to feed them). It's not working out so well.

Mmm...milky contents.

daveyyojimbo said...

I couldn't own one of those as i'm very fond of my chihuahua, Nietzsche. That and I would kill it dead within a week from botanical ineptitude.

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: The 'net suggests feeding it (thawed) frozen crickets. Ah, no.

some of the those prom dresses screamed 'veloute' actually.

Aw, I hope the venus flytraps go well! I can see how VT may not be their ideal climate.

daveyyo: I'm fairly botanically inept myself. Luckily this thing sort of, well, it does draw attention to itself. If it could just slap me I'd be positive I'd do my best to keep it alive.

Veloute said...

Now, do you mean Veloute as in, I would actually like them, or I actually would have worn them back in the day?

'Cause the latter I could see.

Ellen Aim said...

A little of both. You would have worn them back in the day but you would still secretly think they were neat now. (*We* sorta did...)

Veloute said...

I guess one had to be there.