Sunday, February 27, 2011

I got gum on my seat. GUM.

It occurs to me as I'm watching that Clooney is not in attendance? I mean, they tend to MOLEST him at these things, and since I have yet to see him, I assume he is not with us tonight. Nor does my girl Diane Lane seem to be around--they showed her douchebag husband Josh Brolin (sorry, I've never gotten over the alleged domestic dispute call a few years back, I guess I hold a grudge), but didn't cut away to her like they normally do. Total shame, talk about your babes.

At least one of my boyfriends showed up.

And this was Anne's first dress, of which I was not a fan AT ALL. It looks like balloon parts died for that train.

I mean, she rocked the red-ness of it, but it's a shitty dress. It is.

But I am a huge fan of everything she's worn since--I posted pics of the first one, the second was a tuxedo (James Franco donned a hot pink Marilyn dress...AWKWARD), and the third and fourth are saucy but I have yet to obtain links. The 3rd especially was foxy, but the white one is still The Win.

Please consider that the Tuaca is flowing free and loose tonight, so if by night's end you witness an open marriage proposal to Anne Hathaway...move along, move along.

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