Saturday, February 05, 2011

I hope his dick is bigger than his IQ.

I was just thinking the other day--it's probably worth mentioning this thought struck me on the train FOR SOME REASON--how often I seem to find myself in the vicinity of someone who is clearly just NOT ALL THERE. And so it seemed to me at the time as if Boston has a disproportionate amount of batshit-crazies.

But you know, after watching the American Idol auditions in Los Angeles (not that I was), oh, I would like to take that all back. Truly. Like, in all the other cities, they had a bunch of sob stories and a ton of "great" singers, but no shit, in LA I think they showed about 2 people who made it. The people in Los Angeles terrify me. Wow.

I know I've said it before, but I still blame my friend L for getting me into watching, which started mid-last season. So when Tivo started taping it this season, well, I had to watch, new judges and all. But I texted her my protest last night anyway:

"I need to stop watching this. I'm starting to like J-Lo."

To which she replied:

"I need to stop watching this. I'm starting to respect Randy."

(And that's bad. But to be fair, I may be as well.)

Completely unrelated, I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT THIS IS THE YEAR THE SUPERBOWL IS IN MY OLD CITY!! HAHAHAHAH, suck it Arlington. I hear they are selling $200 tickets to sit outside the stadium to watch the game on the Jumbo-Tron? Nice.

We had always said we'd clear out for the week if we were still there. I do miss my old house like crazy. (Two fireplaces! spa! blue velvet curtains in my sunroom! jet black tub! cul-de-sac! cherry blossoms trees *I* planted! SIGH. Anyway.) But I am glad I won't be there this Sunday. Eff that noise!

Also saw what I think is my last big theater film for the Oscars last night, Biutiful. We went with my friends L & her bf A, stopping at The Friendly Toast first for dinner and drinks.

The restaurant was GREAT and even reasonably priced. It's fully decorated with kitsch and charm and the food is also a perfect world of bizarre combinations. My sandwich, the Aldernator, was delicious (and yes, the banana peppers and chips were ON the sandwich!) and the drinks were crazy, stiff and delicious (I had 2 of The Naked and the Dead, and was good to go).

The movie, on the other hand, makes you want to drink AFTER as well. It was very well done, very well acted, but I don't think there was a single positive moment to be had in that whole goddamn movie.

Nope, not a one. And after watching 127 Hours and Somewhere the day before, wow, it's time for something really fluffy. Javier Bardem is up for Best Actor, and while he was--as always--really terrific, I'm gonna go with Colin Firth on this one!

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