Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aristotle was not Belgian.

YAY for Aaron Sorkin winning. I love that man. (Best Adapted Screenplay, The Social Network.)

GOD I HATE IT WHEN THEY CUE THE MUSIC. You let Melissa Leo bleat on and on but you're interrupting Aaron Sorkin?! Fuck you.

YAY, I finally found a pic (or three) of Anne in her gown from the first segment of the hosting shenanigans.

Goddamn, what a babe, I'm sorry. Also, the photos do NOT capture the *sparkly!!* goin' on with the bodice. Sha-ZAM.

Completely unrelated, I also love that Helen Mirren and Russell Brand play off each other so well. Everyone knows how largely inappropriate Brand is, but I think people fail to realize HM can not only keep up but be equally saucy in her own right.

Decent dress this year, but she has rocked out more in past years, gotta say.

And Christian Bale wins for Best Supporting Actor. Meh. I love him, but I was secretly hoping for a Controversial Upset... ;)

(I'm doing better, fyi. 7 spot on, 2 misses.)

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