Sunday, February 27, 2011

I already told you to shut up once with my mouth.

I want to like Michelle Williams and wow was she great in Blue Valentine. But why does she always have to look so sour? (And a little confused, frankly.)

I was perusing the internets in making my decisions about the more technical awards and the site I was using listed "Will Win" and "Dark Horse" for each award. For Best Actor, it said:

Will Win: Colin Firth
Dark Horse: None

I giggled. And right on, here's hopin'.

Ok, pics.

Oh Amy Adams. I love you and you are cute as fuckin' buttons. With a spoon. And you're rocking that dress.

But I don't want you to win tonight. I'm sure you can understand. In fact, I would give it to any of the other four actresses over you. It's not because you don't rock, and it's not because I hated The Fighter, even though you do and I did. I just don't see what was so goddamn special about that role, I'm truly sorry.

Ok, and on to Jennifer Hudson. Her severe weight loss in the past year or two really freaks me out. I mean, props and all.

But there's something about her face that just makes it seem like she had work done? I really don't know and of course she looks great, but she looked great with more meat on her, too. It makes me nervous about the message it sends, that's all I'm sayin...

Hey, check it out! Melissa Lawrence cleans up good after she shoots and dresses her squirrels!

I wish Hailee Steinfeld could win for True Grit since she absolutely blew me away. But apparently Melissa Leo's got it in the bag (and omg, who showed up wearing a disco doilie for a dress?! wait for it...) so at least Hailee looks totally cute:

On to the less fortunate. This photo utterly fails to capture the metallic shiny horrendousness of this dress. Melissa Leo did well by the role she played, but you know my feelings. Hmph.

And Jesse Eisenberg (aka Not-Michael-Cera) was really good in The Social Network, but as we've constantly established, my loyalties lie elsewhere.

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