Monday, February 14, 2011

The next time I'm hard, would you consider measuring my John Thomas?

Yay, we won regionals!

In other non-news, I forgot today was Valentine's Day til I got on the train and people had huge teddy bears, balloons and flowers. It was like high school but on the the train.

I had a three hour break today, so I snuck out to Davis Square to pick up 6 Kick-Ass cupcakes for my friend A's birthday (which was technically Friday). When we were all in Sweden, A completely surprised me by finding a delicious chocolate cake, buying it, somehow riding home on her bike with it (!), and surprising me in the upstairs suite with it all prettily lit up. It was a really neat surprise, so I thought the least I could do was return the favor! The sexiest of the 6 was "The Bubbily," a vanilla cupcake with pink icing and a champagne-soaked strawberry in the middle. There was also a lemon "Lucky" cupcake with a fortune on it, a Mud Pie cupcake, a "Sammy" (Sam Adams beer ganache first I thought it was called "The Sammy" because of Cheers but I guess not...), a Mojito cupcake...of course I forget the sixth. But I was VERY GOOD and did not buy any for me. GO ME!

I had a long day so I treated myself to dinner (see, I wasn't THAT good today) at my favorite Italian restaurant in the North End. It was only 6 and I just sat at the bar, so I knew it wouldn't be a problem. The food was really great as always and they had huge vases of roses everywhere. The really nice part was when I left, my favorite waiter gave me a long stemmed red rose! :D It made my week.

It was actually somewhat warm today, so all the snow is finally starting to melt. Sadly, it's all been mostly black for ages now, and now that it's melting, it just looks like there's a bunch of melted fudge ice cream all over the sidewalks. Sometimes it's not so bad and it looks more like Oreo ice cream. But in any case, ew.

Where is the month going?? I have to book my summer ticket soon. You can layover for free in Iceland. I think that may happen. It's just too bad it's not the time of year you can see the Northern Lights, that's a total bucket list must-do, I think.

But back to the hot and exciting stuff, by which I mean time to read tax and int'l law goodness.

Happy Valentine's Day...

(The less traditional spelling of "nickel," ladies and gentlemen.)

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