Sunday, February 27, 2011

So a gay area is better than a grey area?

So I am going to get a ton of stuff done this week so that Friday I can get my hair done (for the first time in AGES) and watch BOTH these movies. The first one is a shame fest and I am totally okay with that because 1) Topher Grace and 2) Anna Faris and 3) 80s music. Shame fest = love fest. (And LMAO I REMEMBER SUNCOAST HAHAHA. Now if only Blockbuster would die such a quiet death...)

This one may actually be good, though:

Also quite a fan of Emily Blunt, Terrence Stamp and Roger Sterling John Slattery. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I guess I like Matt Damon, too. Hmph. (Although every time I say his name I hear Team America in my head...)

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