Saturday, February 19, 2011

Miranda discovered the perfect relationship: Jon Stewart and chocolate éclairs.

So we watched the Oscar animated shorts! I will put them in order of my favorites.

1. The Gruffalo

This is from the UK, and you can watch it here. It's 27 minutes but worth it, very cute. I love his eyes.

2. The Lost Thing

(I had posted the video, but it got revoked from the original source. So you can watch it here. It's about 15 minutes and also worth it, nice ending.)

(For the record, this was previously #4, I swapped it with #2, which just goes to show my fickle, indecisive nature. I had written: I really loved this, so I'm not sure how it wound up at #4, but there you have it. It's very original, so I suck for having to put it at #4.)

3. Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage

I think this one was by far the most creative artistically. Infact it should probably be my #2, but oh well, there you have it. I just love the mixed media and style, which should be a huge factor in this category. (And for the record, the bush taxi is the sort of taxi I took every day in South Africa!)

4. Night and Day

Pixar always dominates the full length animated feature category, but not always the shorts category. I love Pixar, but it does drive me crazy the way it can often push out the little guys. To be fair, I really did think this short was more creative than usual, while embracing simplicity. It loses big points for the ending (the radio station bit); I GET IT, you know?

This one's only 6 minutes, but you may have already seen it (I forget where, probably in front of Toy Story 3?)

5. Let's Pollute

This is just a clip, I couldn't find the whole thing. I didn't try too hard, however. Truth be told, I thought this one was disappointing, obvious and paled in comparison to the others. Meh.

So here's hoping The Gruffalo wins, even if it seems like the obvious choice!

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