Friday, October 31, 2008

Mrs. Brewster! My God, the phone lines have been cut.

What a fantastic holiday.

So one little kid (she was very tiny and very cute) wouldn't even come up the driveway. She was so cute. We wandered out with our big bowl of candy but they had moved on. Most of the smaller kids hang out at the porch entrance until their parents catch up. And one time, I had the fog just awesome, so the older brother came in but his sister wouldn't. The dad laughed that we'd devised a great way to deter kids and he'd have to remember the trick--I said we had a scorecard inside. It's so much fun to scare the shit out of little kids.

Infact, I can't help but recall Dooce's post about the bedtime scary story, that was hysterical. And I TOTALLY remember that story!

But anyhoo. So we deck out the porch (pics to come) and then I work the fog machine and D mans the door. Our guest room window is very low and I lie down to peek out and watch the little bastards while I work the fog machine (I made a CD from the best cuts off the Halloween soundtrack) which plays and makes a red light flicker behind our hanging ghoul (whom we lovingly call 'Tom' after Mr. Cruise). I love watching their reactions and hesitations, it's so cute. They all hang back for at least a couple beats. I still don't want any kids, but that doesn't mean I can't terrorize yours.

So we kinda monitor the street and in the meantime, throw up Fright Night or Clownhouse (Sam Rockwell's first movie, fyi!) for background entertainment.

Our favorite kid of the night is a little vampire girl who is totally frickin' cute. She has brought three different groups by at this point--I think it's because I told her she's had the best costume all night. She only had her pumpkin the first time, but we keep making her take more candy. But second place easily goes to the dead cheerleader who is, no shit, maybe 7 years old? I love it, but it's a little odd. And she just held her bag open and never tried to close it or leave at all! She got quite the haul from D.

Our cul-de-sac is quite neighborly, and we usually go mingle after we're all trick-or-treated out. I can tell when I've had enough wine to talk to other people without dread, because I start petting our fake spider-webs. And you know, I may be at that point right now, but I'm still feeling a little anti-social. Time for another glass...


SkylersDad said...

I am really looking forward to the pictures!

Ellen Aim said...

We took a few pics of the ones down the street, too, which are even cooler! For such a small street, it sure gets festive...