Sunday, November 02, 2008

Whoa, whoa. You better watch what you say about my car. She's real sensitive.

So on Halloween, we often wander down the street (it's a tiny street) where the neighbors are having driveway parties. There is one house in particular that is always very cool. I'm not saying anything about the Christmas decorations that may appear, but the Halloween stuff is great. This year...

There was a mad scientist with lots of "experiments..."

And this is just a sampling of their yard offerings.

Though our house is at the bottom of a cul-de-sac, the neighbors who are sort-of across from us are usually quite strange, too. It's the kids. There is either a boy or girl who lives there, but the boyfriend/girlfriend is always there, too, so who knows who lives there. At least, I hope that is their relationship, as they are often in the driveway at night with a guitar and they seem to be on fairly intimate terms.

Anyhoo. Last year they had a ventriloquist/dummy thing going on and this year, they were toys. When I got home, we saw people stringing up Barbies and dolls in the trees and especially in the daylight, it seemed desperately sad. But in context, much better! (Especially the teddy bear strung from the tree...)

In the dark, it looks much cooler. D also took a pic with the flash...

And you can see a lot more detail.

But not everyone had a scary yard!

It was very different. I think it went up last year as well.

And finally, our house, both at night and in daylight...

D set everything up; he gets quite excited. He carved the jack-o-lantern--I didn't have one this year.

This is Skully, whom you can kinda see in the first one in the way background. He has green eyes and smokes, it's very cool. And in this too-dark pic, you can kinda make out some new spiders D picked up. There's a great rat, too, but he's on the ground. I call him Templeton.

A closer look. What you can't see is the lamp behind Tom (the ghost). Cuts from Halloween play and the CD player is connected by a box to the lamp, so a red light flickers with the creepy music. It's actually a really cool effect. And of course, there's a (crappy piece of shit) fog machine.

And in daylight...

That's Head. He guards the house.

Speaking of pics, I have YET to see the Jesus Car again lately. Maybe it didn't live there? I still keep an eye out, though...


SkylersDad said...

Nice work, I love it!

Ellen Aim said...

Thanks! For such a small street, it gets pretty decked out!

Somehow, though, xmas just comes off as tacky...harder to pull off, I guess!