Monday, November 17, 2008

"I strenuously object?" Is that how it works?

I am back at Mangia (who says I'm not original and adventurous?) for one last pizza before I hit the road. My feet ached and I just didn't feel like fucking around with downtown parking.

I was slightly adventurous this morning, however, and tried a place called Torchy's Tacos for breakfast, as they are supposed to have the best queso in Austin. Yes, I ate queso before 10am, lick me. I also had a Democrat (it's a taco), which was not really all that. But I like my cilantro in minute amounts. They do have a pretty cool menu and reputation, so I do recommend. And the queso was pretty damn fine.

I also like the first few reminders that I'm back in a city with personality. They had a sign attached to their trash can that read, "PLEASE! Do NOT throw away our baskets!! WWOD? What Would Obama Do? He would not throw away our baskets." Hee hee.

Normally I always hit El Sol y La Luna for breakfast, as it's attached to the Austin Motel, but they are always closed on Mondays. I knew this going in, but booked there anyway, why not. And I was SO SAD to see the restaurant is moving downtown! That BLOWS! Their SoCo location is ideal--who the fuck wants to be downtown anymore, it's too crowded. And it was easily half the reason I stay at the Austin Motel! Sniff. Oh well.

Anyhoo, the tour and class at UT was great. I especially loved the class, it was Criminal Law. I mean, we kicked right off by discussing the technical difference between "deviant sexual acts" and "fornication," oh yes. And then it went on from there and (it was a small section, 25 people) there was much debate about what should or should not be deemed criminal (homosexual conduct vs. incest) and if so, how can it be, if it can't be proven that it's harmful (incest can be harmful insomuch as children could be produced or coersion may be a factor, but what if it's two adult twin brothers? This was an actual example). The point is, at that point you get into what's "morally" right and wrong and it gets complicated.

So it was quite an interesting class and the teacher had much personality, so that made it even better. All the people were very friendly--I was there with two other people, one of whom I just can't find anything nice to say, so I shall say nothing here. But we all also sat and read some of the personal statements from successful candidates. Some of them really made me wonder...and there were far too many that discussed their personal relationship with God and/or Jesus in a little too much detail for my taste.

It's much larger (in so many ways) than Cornell--it's really a complete opposite, in a way. From being in such a bustling city to the fact that they accept a much larger class (400) than the small schools (fewer than 200). Which I see as both a plus and minus. I think I would probably rather be somewhere larger, though, if that's all that mattered. Otherwise it might just be too tight, y'know? I don't want to know everyone's name. I quite value some anonymity once in a while.

But I'll be on the road soon, just stopped in for a little pizza in my greater plan to miss the bulk of Dallas rush hour.


Veloute said...

Sounds fun! Damn, I miss Austin.

Triana said...

Soon you'll be here Vel!

So what's the verdict? Have you chosen a school? And when will you start? When can we start bugging you for free law advice?

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: It is a time and a half, good times.

Triana: No idea. Still have to take my test, but mostly I just hope UT takes me. Most other places may be a little shi-shi for me--not to mention they may not want me!

And does it have to be correct legal advice? ;)