Sunday, November 02, 2008

He's got a shit coming on. It's overdue.

SQUEE!!! I am so excited. I saw a wine bar up on Camp Bowie a few weeks ago, but I was driving and didn't get a good look. A little internet research tells me that it and every wine bar near it (still delighted to know there are ANY) happens to be CLOSED on Sunday.

But then I found Brix Pizza & Wine Bar! It's on Hulen, across the street and up a bit from my massage place. Best of all, it has both internet (obviously) AND outdoor seating. Though it's a little warm today, it's shaded and gorgeous. I plan on trying the calamari. I used to think you couldn't fuck up calamari, but Cafe Aspen (also here in Fort Worth) proved me wrong, so I will let you know...

I spent the better part of the morning painting the kitchen and watching the rest of Cold Mountain. You know, it was actually pretty decent. I was expecting to hate it, and I didn't.

Seriously, there is a REASON Rene won an Oscar. I was contemplating turning it off when it she showed up. God did she save it. (Well, and a little Philip Seymour Hoffman never hurt anyone.) But oh holy jesus, someone needed to pull both Jude Law and Nicole Kidman aside and just say, you know, your bad accent is almost so distracting, it would probably be less distracting if you just spoke in your native accent, yes, it's that bad. And yes, it was getting cheese and spooge and goo everywhere with its MELODRAMA (seriously, a little emotion in a film should be treated like rosemary or cilantro, kwim?) and DESPERATION. But the events and plot (predictable though it was, and no, I don't mean in regards to the Civil War itself, thanks) had me watching, even while I was painting (the paint peels right up off the kitchen tile, fyi).

I mean, Anthony Minghella directed The English Patient, which is way more melodrama than I care to admit to liking, but somehow, that film really pulled it off. This one? Eh, not so much. In its defense, it didn't pull punches and it was certainly not dull (after Law went off to war and Zellweger showed up).

Also tried to watch Repulsion, and rather than offend any Polanski fans--I mean, I'm sure it's great and I can often dig the whole minimalist thing, especially when involving insanity--I'll just say clearly, I was not in the mood. I was especially not in the mood for Catherine Deneuve's (whom I have quite enjoyed in the past, like maybe in Belle du Jour?) sad sack of emotionally limp French goddess pouty wussiness. I get that she's sexually repressed (the character) but again, just not in the mood, I guess. (No pun intended.)

Started Scanners, which is perhaps the only Cronenberg I have never seen. And yes, I get that's like saying, hey, David Lynch is a great director, but I have just never seen Blue Velvet! Ok, it's not quite like that, but you get my point. How did I ever miss Scanners? I know so many scenes of it well, from retrospectives, horror homages, previews, etc. You know, like the exploding head scene.

So I had a good morning of painting and films (a strange mix of films, in retrospect, but hey, that's me) and now it's break time. The cats were being needy and whiny and someone even has a brown spot on his tail. Ahem.

Ooh, and in a fairly rare move, I actually went clothes shopping yesterday. Express had a grand re-opening at The Parks and I had two huge coupons. Plus I kinda love winter clothes. I know, I know, I live in Texas. You think I don't know that? But I tried on a ton of stuff and bought a few items...let's just say that I saved $72! (Ok, I spent $125.) But I got some NEAT stuff and only one item is a hardcore sweater. Even it doesn't have long sleeves, but it's still bulky and warm with one of those cowl turtleneck cuts. Very cool. For the record, I don't care where we live, sweaters with tiny cap sleeves are WAY THE HELL STUPID. It looks like ass and it's just...well, it's stupid. Fewer things I have to try on, at least.

They had way more cute stuff but most of it fit me awkwardly. And no, not because I'm fat, but the sleeves had shoulder puffiness going on or the arms were a little tight (ok, that might be me) or you know, they do kinda gum up the fit sometimes. But again, I always breathe a sigh of relief becaues it's one less decision I have to make.

Anyhoo, now let's see if it lasts, quality-wise.

And speaking of fat, I have been changing up the routine at my gym lately. I've been doing more swimming than running/cycling (I used to mix it up) and have been able to really see a little more progress with myself lap-wise. And it finally dawned on me that my gym has both a sauna and a steam room. I have yet to try the steam room, but the sauna is wicked. Weirdly, upon first entrance it always reminded me of the old school Denton Chuck Wagon. It's just that dry heat, who knows. Is that weird? In any case, I keep going back! I'll try the steam room this week...(I try a lot more new things when it's dead, tbh!)

Any for what it's worth? The calamari is bitchin'.

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