Friday, November 07, 2008

Yeah, but see, that's it. Somehow they know not to come back til you really forget.

I am LOVING CNN's post-election coverage and their choice not to bother mincing words, choosing ones instead like, "thumped, crushed, hammered..."

I am also loving waking up to hearing the news on the radio and hearing the words, "President-Elect Barack Obama." It's taking me a while to get used to it, but in that good I-can't-fucking-believe-it way.

But I am so proud of myself. I met up with D last night and a work friend of his, C. She brought her roommate/friend with whom she is not involved but is more like a big brother. He was quite cool, and I think he's fairly liberal. Well, she's hardcore Republican and a huge sports/NASCAR fan. But she's awfully cute. Anyhoo, she's from New Orleans and was showing us pictures from her recent trip. Many of the pictures were of parts of town that are completely uninhabited because there is still a ton of damage by Katrina.

We had just been discussing--or rather, agreeing not to discuss--the election. I was incredibly proud of myself for being completely silent while going from subject A) politics, to subject B) New Orleans and looking at her Katrina pictures. It was almost like when we meet up with our gay Republican friends. You just hafta fight that shitty urge to go, "But WHY?!?!" I did notice Louisiana resoundingly voted for McCain, but their map kinda looks like ours: totally red, with a blue blot right on New Orleans and our blue blots in Austin and one in Dallas.

Anyhoo. Leaving work a tad early today so I can come home and change. We're heading off to Dallas' Meyerson Symphony Center!

And we'll be in the nosebleed section as pictured below...

I am somewhat irked to note NOW that it's considered "Casual Friday," but fuck that. I'm going to goddamn dress up and they can all just go fuck themselves. Also, there's a piece that's not included tonight; since it's "Casual Friday," there is no intermission. I find that totally lame, but you bet your ass I made sure the other nights' tickets were indeed more expensive. Still, LAME. If you're going to go to the fucking symphony, who wants it to be CASUAL or truncated? FAIL.

Speaking of FAIL, I was looking at Fail Blog last night, because it has been way too long. One of them struck me as quite relevant for the holiday season. Veloute always sends cookies, but one year I was living in a shitty Denton apartment and I have a feeling why they never showed up...

Luckily, we have an enclosed porch now. Those are MY goddamn cookies! Some stoner bastard in Denton totally ate my cookies one year, I know it.

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