Sunday, November 16, 2008

This man and I have some unfinished business.

Well hell, I thought it was fun.

I definitely prefer Casino Royale, but Quantum of Solace was good, nonetheless. The opening wasn't as huge as they've tended to be lately, but it was still very cool. With a nice laugh. And Alex disagrees with me, but I really didn't like the editing style on most of the action--it was all tight close-ups, no wide shots or really much scene-setting. To me, that always reeks of cheating, plus it's just not as impressive-looking.

Daniel Craig was perfection, as always. The bad guy was nice and creepy, too, A+ on him, ew.

And now I'm in Austin waiting on my deep dish Mangia!

Jesus there's a fuckload of construction! Everywhere I want to go it's one lane. I haven't scoped out the law school yet, I'll wait til tomorrow morning. I'm getting a tour before the 12:30 Criminal Law class. Good times.

I wish I was going to be here for more than one night, I love this place. And the Austin Motel is so cute, I'm always excited when I get a room there.

But for now, I'm getting off the internet and starting New Moon. How embarrassing...and hey, speaking of embarrassing, I think the film of Twilight comes out this week. Let the shame parade begin!


SkylersDad said...

I am a little bummed that there wasn't a huge opening scene. I think that is what Bond movies are known for, but I will still go see and sit there enthralled!

Veloute said...

Can't wait to see it!

Hope Austin went well :) Enjoy New Moon, LOL.

MacGuffin said...

I have Casino Royale on the way from netfux and as soon as I watch it, Mob and I are to going to see Quantum. Looks spectacular from the previews. I've actually already seen Caino Royale but it was a pirated copy somebody recorded in the actual theatre and needless to say, it sucked. A friend insisted we watch before it was actually released here. Ruined it for me, so I won't do that again.

Ellen Aim said...

SkyD: I know! I mean, it was a great opening, it was. It just wasn't up to some of the others.

I guess they can't always top themselves.

And that really WAS the most forgettable song ever. I forgot it while it was still playing.

Vel: Needless to say, more than halfway through already. Sigh.

MacG: that's horrible! Bond is NOT a bootleg viewing kinda movie. Even though it was ruined for you at the time, a proper viewing shall certainly restore it.