Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin.

I giggled less than I expected, though that line was one of them. I know it's even in the book, but someone saying it out loud definitely made it giggle material.

First of all, Twilight was sold out all night, so it was the last show of the night to which I barely snagged a ticket. And it was a surprisingly diverse crowd, ethnically speaking. Mostly women, yes, but I assure you they dragged many a male along.

And you know, it wasn't bad at all. I can't imagine wanting to watch it without having read the books, but the movie actually seemed to take it down a notch. The books are so overblown with angsty romance I have to not roll my eyes or sometimes even fight the chunks. The film had those moments, but far fewer, and it was pretty good to the material.

And all the people were great. I especially thought Kristen Stewart made a great Bella. I think the weakest link may really have been Robert Pattinson. Sure, he's easy on the eyes, but he lacked that vampire charisma somehow. You know, like Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys, Gary Oldman in Dracula (that one may be a stretch--that movie loses something for me every time I see it now), shit, I'd even go so far as to cite Louis from Interview With a Vampire (yes, it's a little different, since he always seemed to be working that whole victim thing). But you get my point. Pattinson's good looking and all, but I didn't buy anyone being uncontrollably drawn to him. (Yes, I realize a billion screaming girls may disagree with me here.) He still did a great job, I'm just being picky. People in the crowd were still quite, uh, audible, when Edward made his first appearance.

And I do see what one reviewer meant when they said the cinematographer shoots Edward "like a sex god." I actually felt less uncomfortable than I anticipated.

Oh, and I thought Jacob Black was totally meh. I really wanted more for that character. Oh well.

It did feel kinda long to me, though it was 125 minutes. I don't see that being a real fault since they did a great job picking what to shoot and how long to spend on various things, so the pace was fine...must have just been me.

I did laugh when my friend J (who was running projection) said, "My god. You've found a vampire movie that D doesn't want to watch!" (In all fairness, I'm sure he would have if I had really wanted him to see it with me.) But he was closing last night anyway.

Anyhoo. If you're going to see it at all, I do think it's one of those few movies where seeing it with the crowd of tittering fans does kinda help...there's something you'll almost never hear me say!


Johnny Yen said...

My twelve year old stepdaughter and all her friends are excited by the movie. My stepdaughter got two copies of the book for her birthday last weekend.

Veloute said...

God, that line always makes me cringe.

Ellen Aim said...

JY: Lol...well, one book to take with her everywhere and one to keep in pristine condition!

Vel: Lines that are bad on paper tend to become WRETCHED when spoken aloud...

Triana said...

Just going to ditto everything you said. I ended up going Friday night and I think the energy of all the fans really helped the movie. Had I been watching it at home on DVD, like I originally planned, I might have turned it off. Or not, I dunno, I seem to be a glutton for punishment for this damn story. And what was UP with JASPER? GEEZ. I mean I know he was suppose to look a little freaked and wired, but my gawd. And both his and Edward's hair look like something electrocuted them or maybe their hair are (are? two hairs..well anyway) trying to run away from their heads to escape. Alice was perfect though. And Charlie was too. Kirsten Stewart and her mouth breathing got annoying though.

Someone told me they're going to put book 2 and 3 together in a movie. I really hope they condense the 2nd book down to about 5 minutes of the movie.

(She said as if she were already resigned to watching the next movie. *sigh*)