Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Your name is Gym?

I was driving behind someone with "gym" as part of their plate, and it reminded me of that line from Pretty In Pink and made me chuckle.

So I'm back at the Saucer for the evening, the one in Addison. I just like this one so much better than the one in Fort Worth. And the waitresses ignore me at both, so might as well go to the one with the huge outdoor patio. Tonight it's hopping, however, so I'm stuck inside the Love Shack, the room in the back with sofas, Donkey Kong and Ms. Pacman. I like this room, except for two things: fuckers can smoke in here and despite the giant windows in here, it's always kinda...moist. Humid might be a better description...

My waitress is a little odd. Tonight is Glass Night, where they give away custom glasses for the beer of the night. She asked if I wanted one and I said yes. So she brought me my beer, which was the beer of the night, and then five minutes later brought me another beer in the special glass. There was this awkward moment where the couple on the sofa diagonal to me got kinda quiet. Then after the moment of silence, the woman asked, "Thirsty?"

I explained that I didn't know, either.

Dammit! The Ting Tings are coming to town October 17th and I think that would be a really fun show.

(LOVE her earrings and the fishnets that show up inexplicably around the 1:34 mark.)

But hopefully I'll be out of town that weekend. I'm trying to sneak away to Ithaca, NY to check out Cornell's campus.

(The law school at night! Probably the only time I'll see it from this side.)

My only concern is that the campus just won't be pretty enough. I'm used to UNT, after all. (Btw, if you google UNT looking for images, you will be rewarded with their lame clock tower, crudely drawn eagle mascots and squirrels. Yup, that's my school, baby.)

But HA. My concern? My concern is that someone will snort into their morning coffee while reviewing my application. In a bad way, yes.

I also worry the long winters could depress me, but if I spend every waking hour in the basement of my hovel studying, does it matter?

So yeah, love me some Ting Tings (thanks, dad!) but I think I'll take Cornell over House of Blues! And I'm also hoping to somehow bribe my big sister in Vermont into joining me for the weekend in Ithaca. Way more fun with someone else. And it's all pretty and stuff. (You know, unlike Vermont...)

Btw, I have fallen off the diet wagon in a big way. I will not go into graphic detail, but I need to get my shit back in gear.

Also. Either my waitress is slipping drugs into my beer or the football on TV is being played on a blue field. (And I have only had one beer, thank you.) I think it's college football, so anything's possible...

Oh, and in case there is anyone I have NOT shown this to, this is hysterical and I'm lifting it right off Skyler's Dad's site...

Town Meeting, Wasilla, Alaska

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Veloute said...

I am laughing so hard at the beer.

I want to come with you! I emailed you.