Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just because you're naked, doesn't mean you have to be cheeky!

So I mentioned my friend Jenny Sipes is in W--apparently she plays Susie Evans, a longtime friend of George Bush. So look for her when you see it! I'm totally excited to see the movie, but I heard it feels kinda rushed and ends up having a very movie-of-the-week vibe. Oh well. I'll go see it with bells on anyway, and I hate Oliver Stone normally.

Also, she apparently landed a role on The Young & the Restless and is supposed to start filming this year. That is so neat. I mean, I have never seen a single soap opera in my life, somehow, but the girls at work seem to keep up with that one. I don't know if anyone can pull off soap opera well, but I hope she does! (I'm still kinda fond of Soapdish and somehow imagine it's really not too far off the mark.)

It finally rained today and now it's just gorgeous and windy. Ahhh.

Vel and I are having fun challenges finding a B&B in Ithaca (or any type of hotel, really), as apparently it's still peepers season. Whoops. Forgot about that. I'm sure we'll be able to find something, it'll just be, uh, ungodly expensive! Whatever, it's only money.

I was going to catch up on some theater-movies while the husband was away, but you know...I just didn't. J's theater lost Nights In Rodanthe (thank god) after a mere 2 weeks, so I didn't get to see it...and really, there wasn't too much out worth seeing. There were a few curiosities, but somehow I just wound up watching an uncomfortable amount of Will & Grace instead. No, seriously. I dreamed about it last night. I think I need to lay off for a bit. It's not that I have to watch, it's just...it was there.

Oh and PS--did anyone else see the South Park premiere, The China Probrem? Holy fucking Jesus! Um, I cannot believe they were allowed to air that! I'm not saying it was good or bad, just...pushing the envelope like no one else ever comes close to doing. The envelope of taste, controversy...it made me shriek out loud in shock.

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