Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good idea. They say the strangers always have the best candy.

Hooray, D voted this morning, how exciting. He had a 40 minute wait as well, but woo hoo! Jesus, can you imagine what Election Day will be like?

I had the most fabulous evening. I went by myself to our little regular sushi place near the house, but there is a new manager! She and I bonded and I left 2 hours later.

Her name is Jin, she is Korean and has lived here for one year; she is married with two sons. We amused ourselves by speaking bad Japanese at each other (she lived there briefly), but she and I agree wholeheartedly on the important things in life--for example, the creativity of Hayao Miyazaki--how he has the most amazing imagination but still manages to say something important about the environment and always seems to have girls save the world. Also, we both just want very badly to be in Austin. She joked about how different her time in Austin was from DFW and it almost made her uncomfortable how friendly and homey everyone was (but she liked it). She said back home everyone told her she was a hippie.

VERY crucial was our agreement about how American TV is shit for children (except for PBS of course) and she does not have cable; I said I have always told my husband if we ever have children, there will be no cable in the house. She said yes, it's like it takes the brain out of your head and puts garbage in instead. I told her how my nieces are well acquainted with Miyazaki's films (and yes, that Totoro song is REAL catchy to all youngsters...and uh, well, everyone) and yet have no idea who Hannah Montana is. At least, I hope this is still the case.

About an hour in, she offered to reheat my udon...another half hour later, I took her up on the offer. I didn't care; the udon is always good but the conversation is rarely so nice! And she looks so young for two young sons--I told her she looked to be about 27 and she said, "I love you, Ellen!" She was just the neatest; she hugged me at the end of the night and walked me out. I told her I'm going to New York this weekend but I would send my husband out for sushi while I'm gone and that we'd be back next week. She's only been there two weeks, which is how I have not met her before, plus my udon/tempura expeditions seem to increase exponentially with the coming of winter.

You know, I'm so glad I abandoned Cheers and packing for a little udon this evening...


Veloute said...

I want to come to this sushi place! How awesome!!

Udon is sooo yummy.

Oh, and yes, they still love Totoro. While Fiona knows who Hannah Montana is because of her classmates (sigh), she has expressed less than zero interest in her. Praise smeg.

Anyway, packing should be done at the last minute.

Ellen Aim said...

LOVE me some udon. Magic.

I thought it was probably inevitable...thank god she has no interest.