Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Honey, I could suck the alcohol out of a stick of deodorant...so you're askin' the wrong gal.

Have I mentioned how much I love Karen?

D also got my Streets of Fire poster matted and framed...and holy fucking balls, it may be the most gorgeous thing in the house. He picked out a nice trim yellow for the first matte, to match the titles, surrounded by a wide white matte with a very thin black inner edge and completed by a sexy black frame. It is gaw-geous. It's going in the kitchen/den entry, so everyone can see it.

Also, D is (clearly) back from Omaha. It was a great trip and he really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed my first trip to Love Field (that's the bumpkin Dallas airport) in more than 10 years, woot. (HA HA.) Got to Dallas so horrendously early I stopped off at the Lounge (the Inwood's bar, who'da thunk I would be there again, but it's five minutes away...) and watched the first half of the debate. That place never used to have a TV. It's fitting (in its rapidly descending plummet to yuppie crapdom, anyway) that it now has a huge flatscreen TV...though in fairness, it served me well that night. After all, before being distracted, I was trying to study my strategy games for the LSAT. Yuck.

And speaking of law school, it has started. I got a completely random, unsolicited email from Tulsa Law (ok, seriously?) which kinda freaks me out. It just goes to show how they're watching you. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Well, it's off to the library this morning before work...I'm going to pick up a David Sedaris book I've never read to make the flight tolerable. I also need to pack today...it's going to be weird to be able to wear my winter clothes...wicked!

[Editor's Note: Holy BALLS, I just went online to glimpse their weather and they are supposed to have AM SNOW SHOWERS tomorrow! SNOW IN OCTOBER?? Weirdness.]


Veloute said...

You totally just did not say snow. No you didn't. You LIE.

I don't even have the snow tires on my car yet.

Ellen Aim said...

Lol! I don't think there will be any on the ground. I think it may just fart snow here and there.

Also, the Jesus car was not there this morning. The fuck kind of hours does this person keep??

Veloute said...

God works in mysterious ways. Or Jesus does. Whatev, I can't keep them straight. Mythical beings have strange hours.

Ellen Aim said...

For the longest time I thought I was the only one who mixed that shit up...

But yeah, I should walk over to their house at 3am, it would have to be there, right? ;)