Monday, October 02, 2006

If you're gonna spew, spew into this.

Poor little Hans is back in the shop. I discovered while driving to the Angelika that high speeds make the gas pedal shake. Pretty sure it's not supposed to do that. He said it sounded like a tire balance issue. At least the kitten was there at the shop this time. If they are going to pound me in the ass, at least there is a really soft kitten for me to cuddle while they're doing it.

This weekend was lots of fun (after I got home from the Angelika, that is). Met up with Mob & K and Morris for dinner at Humperdinks, followed by an evening at The Lodge. And you know, as far as uh, gentlemen's clubs go...this one was really decent. The animal heads adorning the walls was a bit odd, but even I hardly noticed the decor. Mob & K were more than nice in treating us both to dinner andThe Lodge experience. D also got his first-ever lap dance thanks to Mob, which I even got a small taste of myself (she had the most impressive bum, if I do say so myself). It was a great break from all the stress of the past few months.

Even if I was nearly worthless the next day. We seem to have something called Monsters HD, and they showed Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street back to back, both of which I viewed after HBO HD treated me to In Good Company, easily one of my favorite films to come out of the past few years.

Ok, it's the next day now, should probably start a fresh blog.


Veloute said...

I knew you'd be using that line (the title) eventually.

Sorry about your car, but the outing with D sounded quite interesting!

Ellen Aim said...

Well, considering my evening I thought it appropriate. I'm surprised Wayne's World hasn't popped up more often.

The car is ok, he can't figure it out! So it will go back later.

Any evening where you get titties in your face is an adventure!