Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm gonna make Gretzky's head bleed for super fan 99 over here.

Ok, that just totally made my week. I got to help out one of the technical researchers for CSI: Vegas. And since we only watch Vegas, that's pretty damn cool. Apparently my episode will air in December. If anyone hasn't ever seen an episode, anytime something new and "technical" pops up, they do this whole series of shots of the inner workings of whatever it is (not unlike how House, M.D. does with patients and their guts). So he needed to know how all my machines work and what they look like inside. Apparently it revolves around a disposable camera. My first thought was the disposable cameras CPD always bring me to sign out as evidence when they arrest suspected pedophiles...

But damn that guy has a cool job. My top ten choices of dream jobs on that "tag" thing would have to include his job. Granted, most of it is useless info, but you'd learn new crap every week. How things work, what shit looks like, etc. It just couldn't get old. Plus everyone has heard of their show by now, so getting people to help you out must border on asking them not to slobber on you. "So, if I had an idea for an episode, could I, like, send it to you?" *facepalm*

In other news, THE CEILING IN THE SUNROOM IS UP!!! It doesn't match, it has a couple screws that got stripped that aren't completely totally in all the way, but piss off. IT'S UP. And no more leaks!! Now for sexy curtains...coming this weekend!

The weather outside is so gorgeous. 70s...sunny...inasmuch as I adore dreary weather, a couple days like this one are ok by me.

And tonight brings us Thrillvania. I think it's a bit more an "attraction" than it used to be. The main reason to go is Verdun Manor, a haunted house where I helped shoot a film six years ago (during spring break, it was freezing and deserted and the owner had three pet lions). However, the owner has since died and I think now Verdun Manor is part of Thrillvania. Kinda dirty and commercial if you ask me, but I haven't been yet so I can't say. But we shall see.......

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