Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shit, Tweetie, couldn't you have waited for a school day?

WaHOOO! Bless the little car place over on Marsh & Belt Line. They aren't charging me a damn thing for fixing my car. The strut mount was loose and maybe they felt bad for not catching it last time, or just can't bring themselves to charge me for tightening a goddamn screw, I'm not going to ask. No more awful noise! Now I think it still vibrates over 75, maybe not, but it's probably best not to be going over 75 in the first place. Let's hope they were related. Not that anything ever is.

I swear I really will blog more after this month. I hope.

I did finally get off my ass and review David Lynch's Dumbland for Big Suck Loser. It is a tiny review. But it was a tiny film. Project, more like. It was...interesting.

And we have a marriage license! Woo hoo! $41 later. Seriously. Forty-ONE dollars. Just because. Like $0.39 stamps. Why not.

And we are also booked at the Austin Motel, which I've always been curious to stay at. Nice and close to downtown, which was the point also. And my favorite Mexican place is smack next door. Very excited for Alamo, Amy's, East Side Cafe, Elephant Room, Speakeasy, Hudson on the Bend...and any number of wineries and microbreweries. The countdown days are in the single digits now...

I'm picking up Kiwi Derek Saturday afternoon, doing "bridal shots" sometime this weekend...we're aiming for a woodsy area...and I gotta start thinking about food and ingredients. I wish I could pick all that crap up now without it (cheese, strawberries, etc) going bad. Stupid fruit.

Well, on a completely different note, if you're ever in the DFW area looking for a car, let me assure you how much Jim McNatt sucks. My mom is trying to buy a little red Toyota Yaris and they made her wait 8 weeks instead of 3, then put the wrong package on it and tried to charge her $1100 more than what was agreed upon. Some salesman named Ryan is a real shiteater. So we're still looking for a little red Yaris, hopefully this evening. I may have found one, but you try getting a salesman on the phone to tell you how much it is and what the car itself entails. I dare you. Nope, gotta go all the way out there to find out it's not what we want. But then again, it has been a good day so far...

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