Friday, October 20, 2006

It smells a hell of a lot better than the Porsche.



At least it's just the chemistry and not asshole customers. But I do feel the edge coming steadily closer.

Before I forget, do NOT get into a car accident here in Dallas! Now this certainly did not include me, I was a mere witness. Tuesday morning it downpours and I'm behind an eighteen wheeler when the highway splits and is poorly marked (the lines haven't been finished paint-wise). The truck realizes he's veering off the wrong way and jerks back toward the right, which freaks out a van, who was either merging or in the lane to begin with, I'm not really sure. So because it has been pouring all morning, the van spins out of control and off the road into a not-so-bad ditch. The eighteen wheeler comes to a stop in the middle of the highway split, causing all of us to stop behind him. As I was first in line, I figured I had to pull over as well. Very luckily, there was a cop already back there with the van. The two male drivers (the cop was female) start yelling at each other and I tell the cop (way off separately) what happened. She thanked me and said that Dallas PD would call me later since she wasn't actually working the scene. I said ok and trotted off to work. Here it is Friday and I have yet to receive a call. Wtf? As far as I can guess, someone shot someone else and it doesn't matter anymore...or they are just that backlogged and won't call me for ages still? What a great way to get an accurate account of what happened. Go, Dallas!

Anyhoo. Last night we got more crap for the house...hit Target for a DSL filter for the TiVO (my wedding present from D! And just in time before House, M.D. starts up again!!), cranberry juice for some goddamn cosmos (can you tell I need them??), stupid candles...then off to the mall to hit Spencers for a spotlight for the mirrorballs (and damn was that all complicated...the motors I don't think would work with my mirrorballs, and we'll see how the motorized spotlight works...this is for the sunroom, also known as the "pimp room.") and then got distracted by a Fredericks of Hollywood. How cool is my mall?? And how cool is Fredericks for having CORSETS!!! in MY SIZE?? I didn't think they bothered outside of fucking special mail order...but then I had to take it back because it didn't work under the wedding dress and also made me look like a deranged Deanna Troi. But still.

By the time we got home it was time for real food and then bedtime.

I am having a Skittle lunch, having been unable to even go outside the building today. That kind of day.


Anonymous said...

Corsets? Hello? Hmmm....

This is going to be an expensive weekend....

*runs off to balance the checkbook*

Ellen Aim said...

They even have *naughty* Halloween "outfits", the best by far being the "little Swedish girl" get-up...!!

CinemaslaveJoe said...

A deranged Deanna Troi? You sound like my dream girl. ;)


Ellen Aim said...

CSJ: lol! I always thought Deanna could use a good mushroom tattoo thumping, she irritated me no end.