Monday, October 23, 2006


Jesus people suck. The personnel manager is out of town so one of our two salesmen (pedophile Ed) decides he can't come in today. That leaves Cinema Mark doing all the sales shit, my co-lab partner doing all the shipping and receiving for the personnel manager (which she is brand-new at, since he gave her an afternoon of training, kind of) and me doing all the lab shit. People are going to die, I can smell it.

On a good side, I picked up Kiwi Derek Saturday night, though his train was three christing hours late, thank you Amtrak. I got a good bit of Susan Orelans' Orchid Thief knocked out. Good shit.

We went home and I cooked up my apple/nutmeg acorn squash thing and the magic macaroni recipe of my mother's, it was damn good. I think we hit the grocery store...ah yes, had to get wine...not a whole lot done that evening but he had been on a train for thirty-one hours. I think he was happy to crash.

Sunday we drove out to Central Market and as Krispy Kreme was right next door, he got to check that off his "American things to do" list. I think he found them vaguely appalling, which they are. But we still ate them.

Then we met up with Cinema Mark so he could take some bridal shots for me. I wish I didn't always look like a malformed creature in pictures. The pictures came out great (so convenient to work here sometimes), but my face! Jesus. Some people just don't photograph well. And I was with two less-than-sensitive-to-the-important-things kinda guys, neither of whom said one word about how I looked nor did they really manage to clue me in that the wig was a little high. I'm chopping off all my hair tomorrow, though, so that should help for this weekend. Tired of having it. So hopefully I don't look scary or freakish, as no one really said anything.

Back home and made tex-mex chili which used both dark beer and chocolate, we all enjoyed it. Got the recipe out of Fine Cooking, they are nearly always quite reliable.

Well look at that, it's the next day now. Should really just publish and move along...

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