Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Well you know it and I know it and the horse knows it, but it would sound very peculiar in court.

Ah. Ok, recovering from pre-wedding 'sode, I'm better. Well, not really, just masking it for the moment. And since the people to whom the rant is mostly directed aren't related to me or even people I like (and therefore don't read my blog), I'm sure there will be more bouts of crazy yet to come.

Saw The Prestige last night. Decent. Oncer. Hard not to be entertained by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Scarlett was barely in it, but she's been kind of annoying me lately, so it's all for the best.

Today is my last day of work and it cannot end too soon.

I have a banana Lambic beer waiting to be cracked open upon my arrival home. Also have to pick up a liqueur for the party and maybe some Bailey's cause I'm gross like that. And must hit the grocery store for three pounds of butter. Yes, three pounds. It's going to be a damn fine cake.

I'm a moron. I have three David Lynch things at home, and who the fuck did I think I was kidding that I was going to be in the mood at this stage in the game? I need utter shit to watch instead. (I have Short Films, The Elephant Man and You Don't Know Jack).

My stash of MST3K may make an appearance tonight.

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